Vintage behind-the-scenes photos at the American Museum of Natural History

PicturingMuseum diorama 1958

From the American Museum of Natural History's excellent photo archive. Seen above, a millipede installing a model of a man in "The Forest Floor" diorama, 1958. (Thanks, Stacey Ransom!)


    1. Ha, I just came here to comment on the Fred Rogers-ness of the model installation. Worms probably ripped off his image because he was too nice to sue.

  1. “Seen above, a worm installing a model of a man in “The Forest Floor” diorama, 1958.”  C’mon Dave, let’s be accurate; that’s a millipede installing a model of a man.

  2. We were camping on a small river island when i got up to stretch my legs at about 3:00 AM.  The island was covered with these slow moving 4″ millipedes, with several every square foot.  They were everywhere.  When the birds woke me at dawn the millipoedes were gone without a trace. 

    1.  Did you check your ears that morning?

      Don’t bother now, you won’t know they’re in there until the climactic conditions are right, then they’ll bust out all over.

  3. The exhibit above is my favorite in the whole museum. It was the source of terrified fascination and thrilling near-nightmares since when I was a small child and I saw it for the first time.

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