Abusive restaurateurs stage spectacular social media meltdown


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  1. Popehat says:

    It takes effort to stand out as crazy amongst the field of reality show participants.

  2. big ryan says:

    i sincerely wish i could have visited this restaurant before all this went down, as a dinner theater experience

  3. peregrinus says:

    I am really … going to … hurt somebody … if they send back my cakes

     Say “Amy Bouzaglo’s Baking Company Bakery Boutique & Bistro” 10 times quickly.

  4. nixiebunny says:

    That’s Scottsdale for you.

  5. bcsizemo says:

    Honestly at this point they should just hire the sorority email meltdown girl to do all their future PR work.

  6. NoOneSpecific says:

    You cannot fix crazy.

  7. fnc says:

    And so she joins Michelle Bachmann in the “claims to not be a witch” circle of the Venn diagram.

  8. Rider says:

    This is new trend I’ve noticed.  People freak out over questions and criticism they freak out and call everyone bullies, then eventually start throwing out insane legal threats.  I’ve come across several of these types the past few years.  It’s like they are all reading the same script. 

    • Rider says:

      Oh yeah add calling the police to get the bullies in trouble to the list.

    • BonnieJeanneTonks says:

      I’ve often thought the “I’m gonna sue you!” culture is due to the plethora of Judge shows on syndicated cable. Wish we could watch then get laughed out of court – again.

    • niktemadur says:

      Let’s not forget to mention the LOUD statements about just what wonderful human beings they are, while the rest of us are a notch below doggy poo poo.

    • IronEdithKidd says:

      Some Christians claim perpetual victim-hood, regardless of their assholery.

      • foobird says:

        They -are- perpetual victims, thanks to a petty god and original sin. Part of who they are. 


        You don’t have to be religious to be bat shiz crazy, but it sure helps. 

    • Ashley Yakeley says:

      I think it’s a problem with our (American) culture. It rewards narcissism.

      • Lithi says:

        And stupidity.

        Not to mention some folks’ willingness to make utter fools of themselves for a microscopic slice of celebrity. 

      • donovan acree says:

        Do you think that’s an American cultural phenomena? 
        Silvio Berlusconi, David Nuttall, Vladimir Putin, etc etc
        Is it that you have a small world view or just the normal American self loathing?

        • Ashley Yakeley says:

          Doubtless my normal American self-loathing is the covert source of my normal American narcissism.

  9. cleveremi says:

    I particular like the bit where she “forbids” reddit from… doing something. I’m not sure what precisely she is talking about, but she FORBIDs it. Welcome to the web, honey, you must be new here.

    • nixiebunny says:

      Her shiny new Facebook page states that by visiting it, you’re entering a legally binding contract to not say anything derogatory about her.

      Some folks don’t seem to believe that such a thing is possible. She’ll show them.

    • niktemadur says:

      Welcome to the web, honey, you must be new here.

      Tell her they’re called the interwebs, then stand back and wait for the lulz.

    • Gilbert Wham says:

       There’s a canny few things that I wish Reddit would pack it the fuck in, but at least I know I’m pissing into the wind…

  10. Chesterfield says:

    It’s Ramsay, not Ramsey.

  11. angusm says:

    Will they rename the Streisand Effect the Bouzaglo Effect in her honor?

    • Gilbert Wham says:

      In a perfect world, that would  actually piss Streisand off. sadly, we don’t live there, or shit would be funnier…

      • anon0mouse says:

        Even if it did, by now Streisand appears to have learned to STFU. 
        Bouzaglo will probably never learn that lesson and will eventually spend the remainder of her days on her urine-soaked mattress cursing the world for not making her queen.

  12. Frank Diekman says:

    “We will be parents to a human kid one day. We will show all of you.”

    Can’t wait to see the birth video with cray-cray momma shouting  “See? We showed you!”

  13. angusm says:

    Happy thought: will we shortly see a new message on their Facebook page denouncing ‘the Boingboings’, just as they the person who hacked their Facebook account denounced ‘the Reddits’ [sic]?

  14. geoffhing says:

    Does anyone have any examples of a restaurant’s proprietors responding to Internet criticism in a way that’s cool and resulted in everyone being happier? Other than obvious personality dynamics, there seems to be an element of not getting the Internet to the restaurateurs’ response.

    • GawainLavers says:

      It’s not my bag, mercifully, but every social media marketing presentation I’ve sat in on typically has a great many examples of companies successfully engaging patrons by taking them seriously.  People are generally so astounded and flattered when this happens that they then gush about the company, winning back the customer and impressing prospective customers.

      That said, I think their fundamental business model was an insurmountable obstacle to success, beyond the cray-cray.

    • Gilbert Wham says:

      Having spent some time in kitchens, I’m willing to bet cocaine plays a significant part…

    • teapot says:

      I don’t know if you’d call it a restaurant but Taco Bell is an excellent example of one such company. Their twitter feed has delivered consistent lulz for a while now.

  15. Jeffrey Bell says:

    I bet it would terrible to be on one of those shows.

    Even under the best situations, you know that only the parts that make the show look good will be aired.  It’s like accepting an invitation to be on Jerry Springer.

    Most of the restaurants go out of business after being “helped”.

    • jackbird says:

      Most of the restaurants are going out of business anyway.  That particular restaurant has signs of being a money-laundering front (nobody touches the POS system or handles money but the owner), so I don’t think it’s going to go out of business.

      • Rider says:

        If they were really money laundering do you think they would have invited an international TV crew into the place.

        • Based on the judgement evidenced by the proprietor’s ranting on Reddit and Facebook – yes, I think they would. 

          • Ahh, research!

            Went to Yelp, looked at some of the old reviews, and the batshit-insane behavior of the owners appears to have been going on for several years.

            Also appears to be a business catering to a high-end-ish clientele, so they’ve probably lost a lot of their business due to the recession.

            I still feel sorry for the owners, though. It’s gotta be horrible to be so crazy, and to be unable to do anything about it (like, umm, change their behavior) because it’s Not Their Fault!

            Maybe medication would help. :-)

          • mausium says:

            Yeah, she’s been crazy forever, but they got press in 2010 for being crazy at Yelp with these same sort of threats. I forget if they lied about being “hacked” back then too.

          • EeyoreX says:

            It made the news back then: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nexQhKIx39Q&list=HL1368663785

        • Gilbert Wham says:

           remember: people are fucking idiots.

          • James Penrose says:

             Well, someone must be doing that a lot since the supply of idiots is increasing.

            Remember folks, practice chastity when dealing with idiots.

        • Given that bringing in Ramsay was apparently motivated by the belief that Yelpers were sinking the business because of an event ~8 months ago, it isn’t totally surprising.

          The owners truly think their food is awesome and seem to think that as soon as Gordon tastes it, he would denounce the “internet bullies” as being completely wrong and commend them on being awesome.

      • Dan Hibiki says:

         I don’t think it’s money laundring… more like a play thing that the millionaire husband bought for his Vegas hooker wife.

    • jandrese says:

      It’s not like Gordon goes to restaurants that aren’t already circling the drain though.  A lot of times it’s just the manager is really bad at their job and have f’d everything up, from hiring the wrong people to not doing their homework, to just having crazy ideas about things.  Sometimes they’re just kind of dumb too and in way over their head.

      Gordan really can’t help that, because when he leaves it will be captain crazypants back at the wheel, screwing everything up again.  He can give some advice, but really it is hard to change human nature.  I actually feel kind of sad watching his show sometimes because it is clear that the manager just is not cut out for the job and really should just give up and cut their losses. 

      It also doesn’t help that a lot of the restaurants are already heavily in debt by the time he shows up.  Once you’re under enough debt bankruptcy is really the only option. 

      Surprisingly, the success ratio is better than I expected. http://kitchennightmares.bangpipe.com/ 41% success rate thus far, although the later season restaurants may not have had enough time to bleed out yet.

      • William Farrar says:

        I actually liked the British version of the show better. The American version is really formulaic with the after a few random changes Gordon brings the family together and it all works out in the end thing going on.

        But the crazy is worth seeing.

      • Jorpho says:

         Thanks, I was wondering who exactly was tracking the numbers.

        Does the British version have greater success than the American version, I wonder?

        • jandrese says:

           Both versions of that show are tracked on the website.  It is telling however that if you look at US seasons 1 and 2, only 1 restaurant from each season survived.

          Most of the Season 4 and 5 restaurants are still around though.  Some of this is undoubtedly natural attrition (restaurants open and close all of the time), but I can’t help but to wonder if Gordan and his crew have just gotten better at their job over the years.

    • Halloween_Jack says:

      Most restaurants go out of business, period–60% within three years. (That’s about the same rate of failure for all new businesses.) And Ramsay typically doesn’t go to restaurants that are doing well. 

    • donovan acree says:

      Having followed the show, I’m honestly surprised that any remain open. Gordon goes in to the most dysfunctional restaurants imaginable. Many are hundreds of thousands in debt and are managed by unstable idiots. If he saved even 10%, that would be an impressive track record.

  16. Rider says:

    Wow on their new page they have clearly crossed the line into libel making laims that Ramesey physically assaulted them.

  17. Navin_Johnson says:

    There’s a lot of legitimate (old and before the show) comments on Yelp that speak of the man direct messaging people that gave bad reviews and harassing them. I guess this my be legit. I didn’t think so at first, especially considering that most reality shows are fake/scripted.

  18. spocko says:

    If they want to “win” this they should not take advice from corp crisis PR people. They need to take advice from RW pols. Like Sarah Palin
    1) Remember, you are the vicitm
    2) do not apologize. That shows weakness
    3) go on the attack.
    4) evoke your rights to: Free speech while squealching others.
    5) You are the vicitm (because of religion (he’s Jewish ) and gender(if a man stood up to the haters he would be called brave,

    6) Use the fame . Bookings to resturant will soar. Then point out all the money you are making. That is the best reward. Plus people will come for “the show” not for the food anyway.

    7) Remind people how bad Ramsey is get a group of other owners to condemn him.
    8) you might quietly change you methods, but don’t every admit it. ABD Always Be Defiant.
    Take a break from spotlight then come back with supporters to show the media it was all a PR stunt by Ramsey because his ratings were falling.

  19. Finnagain says:

    You had me at WE’RE NOT FREAKING OUT.

  20. Antlan says:

    The pastry photos on their facebook page are images stolen from other people’s websites.

  21. hi-endian says:

    These people (especially the lady) are clearly nuts. It’s actually kind of sad to watch them. They need some psychological help; and Ramsey being a control freak and kind of nuts himself doesn’t really help the situation.

    • Churba says:

       Well, every chef is a bit nuts, and no small amount of them are control freaks. It’s hardly just Ramsay, it’s practically every half-way successful Chef I’ve ever met.

  22. EeyoreX says:

    The theory that this restaurant mostly is a front for money laundering seems ludicrous at first, but the more you think about it… how else would it even stay afloat for years on end? Unless Amy’s husband is really loaded and is letting her have it as a vanity project.
    Also, there’s this:

  23. lilinski says:

    Wow, their website links all redirect to various White House pages, either a petition to have Amy committed or a White House 404 page: http://www.amysbakingcompany.com goes to https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/have-amy-bouzaglo-committed/q5JK3hhw. I guess their restaurant website did get hacked.

    • Antlan says:

       That URL was created by a redditor a couple days ago, it’s not the real url. http://amysbakingco.com/

      • noah django says:

         I was wondering about that.  I was trying to see who was claiming credit and found out that the extension to their reservation page is still up (there’s gonna be a lot of reservations that don’t show up to their “grand re-opening” tuesday) but I failed to notice the different urls.  unsurprisingly, there’s a lot of different raids happening.

  24. ocschwar says:

    Pro-tip: if you engage in unethical business practices AND invite Gordon Ramsey to look over your shoulder, you will wind up on television being chewed out by Gordon Ramsey for being a vile motherfucker. I mean, Mr. Ramsey really loses his shit when he sees things like a manager confiscating tips. Did they not ever watch his shows? 

    • Daemonworks says:

       To be fair, it’s a terrible idea to throw screaming hissy-fits on his show – that’s his job.

    • peregrinus says:

      Why would they watch his shows?  They have nothing to learn.

      Except manners.  And Gordon don’t specialise in that sphere.

  25. LogrusZed says:

    Just remember this; no matter where you go in life, it’s better than Scottsdale.

  26. TheMudshark says:

    Those were an entertaining 45 minutes of youtube just now. If I was in a kitchen with this woman I´d be afraid of her sticking a kitchen knife in my back any second.

  27. Just a minor correction, but it should read Gordon RamsAy (no relation, although I regularly try to convince people he is my uncle)

    Nathan Ramsay

  28. Such an “exceptional episode of bad behavior” deserves to be extended to a full season, maybe 3, plus DVD sets.

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