Artist finds the faces lurking in maps

Artist Ed Fairburn selective colors in maps, revealing faces lurking in potentia in their many lines, contours and shapes. He sells prints. These are gorgeous. Shown here: Paris.

Ed Fairburn (via Neatorama)


    1. I’m guessing ‘finding the faces lurking in maps’ in this context is similar to a sculptor “finding the elephant hiding in the block of rock”.

      Because yeah, it looks pretty much like he’s just drawing a face onto a map and just leaving the streets un-drawn-on (and you could probably replicate the effect on any piece of drawn art in photoshop with only a little effort). 

      Still nice work, though.

  1. Look on a map of NYC. There is a face of man eating a slice of pizza. One can see it better on NY MTA maps in subway than on google maps :)
    Below I attached one of the pictures from “Balloon-O-Therapy”

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