Artist finds the faces lurking in maps


4 Responses to “Artist finds the faces lurking in maps”

  1. Spodzilla says:

    This reminds me of Animals On The Underground.

  2. TheMudshark says:

    Looks more like a drawing of a face superimposed on a map to me.

    • Peter says:

      I’m guessing ‘finding the faces lurking in maps’ in this context is similar to a sculptor “finding the elephant hiding in the block of rock”.

      Because yeah, it looks pretty much like he’s just drawing a face onto a map and just leaving the streets un-drawn-on (and you could probably replicate the effect on any piece of drawn art in photoshop with only a little effort). 

      Still nice work, though.

  3. Michael Langerman says:

    Look on a map of NYC. There is a face of man eating a slice of pizza. One can see it better on NY MTA maps in subway than on google maps :)
    Below I attached one of the pictures from “Balloon-O-Therapy”

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