Katamari Adventure Time


6 Responses to “Katamari Adventure Time”

  1. PinkWithIndignation says:

    So cute!

  2. Andy says:

    I like it, but I like this one more: http://sin-nombre.deviantart.com/art/Adventure-Time-322645634


    It’s less in the AT style but I like Finn as the Prince and the sheer number of characters that were included.

  3. Finnagain says:

    I am disappointed, young prince.

  4. Chentzilla says:

    What better subject for a t-shirt than an Adventure Time/Katamari Damacy mashup?

    About half of other “crazy” hipster mash-ups?

  5. David Craig says:

    Although I feel copyright law is out of control, I’m not sure I feel right about buying a shirt like this, since none of the money is going to the creators and it’s very clear that it’s their character designs and the show isn’t very old. 

    • geekjon says:

      WeLoveFine, the creators of this shirt, license the Adventure Time characters. So, the Adventure Time creators ARE getting paid.

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