Ne plus ultra of retrogamer wedding cakes

This amazing retro-gamer wedding cake was made by Wedding Cakes By Nicole of Bunbury, Australia. The cake pays homage to many of the arcade greats:

I created a 3 tier square cake, with each of the sides representing a popular retro platform game. Topped off with a game off Pong, with the score depicting Stephen's "30" years. The board had a joystick, buttons and coin slot. Pacman (my favourite), Donkey Kong, Frogger & Tetris

Dimity asked me to create a cake for her Fiance, Stephen, who loves "old school" computer games. (via Geeks are Sexy)


  1. Yeah, Tetris is practically a generation away from the other games. Coulda been Galaga….

  2. A pyramid-shaped, retro-gaming-themed cake… that doesn’t include Q*bert? Wha? Still, fun.

  3. I love these wild cake designs . . . but the few I’ve tried to actually have been disappointing, because that “frosting” is usually this gummy leathery stuff.

  4. Whoa, look at the tetris game – this player is a genius. He stacked all the blocks without completing a single line,  yet still achieved almost maximum density. If only I was that good at Tetris…

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