Sheet-metal Millennium Falcon model


8 Responses to “Sheet-metal Millennium Falcon model”

  1. autark says:

    What the hell is an Aluminium Falcon?

    • elusis says:

       What makes this “nano” other than the hope that the word “nano” will make it seem cooler?

      • Antinous / Moderator says:

        “Nano-”, meaning small, has been used in taxonomy for centuries.

        “Nano-”, meaning one billionth and hijacked as a technological prefix, only dates to 1960.

  2. darjr says:

    Sold out.

  3. squidfood says:

    These things are an absolute bitch to put together.  My wife and I bought a model Tower of London and a Brandenburg Gate, and after breaking half the teeny tabs off and failing to secure the rest, the results looked like they’d exchanged WWII bombing runs.

  4. Gulliver says:

    What is this new laset cutting you speak of, some new groundbreaking technology, perhaps an application of typomatics?

  5. Gloo says:

    That is awesome ! How I wish they’d sell a similar model of Wall-E (I’m not that much in Star Wars models).

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