Sheet-metal Millennium Falcon model

The Millennium Falcon Metallic Nano Puzzle looks like a delight. It's one of those puzzle/models that you punch out of thin, laser-cut pieces of sheet metal and assemble with tweezers and pliers, and the finished model is quite a beauty. It's $15.30 plus shipping from Japan. It looks more complex than the models I've done to date (most took less than an hour to complete), so be prepared to spend some time on it.

Star Wars Metallic Nano Puzzle (Millennium Falcon) (via Geekologie)


    1.  What makes this “nano” other than the hope that the word “nano” will make it seem cooler?

      1. “Nano-“, meaning small, has been used in taxonomy for centuries.

        “Nano-“, meaning one billionth and hijacked as a technological prefix, only dates to 1960.

        1.  I love it when pedantry is trumped by superior pedantry. Honestly, that was beautiful.

  1. These things are an absolute bitch to put together.  My wife and I bought a model Tower of London and a Brandenburg Gate, and after breaking half the teeny tabs off and failing to secure the rest, the results looked like they’d exchanged WWII bombing runs.

  2. What is this new laset cutting you speak of, some new groundbreaking technology, perhaps an application of typomatics?

  3. That is awesome ! How I wish they’d sell a similar model of Wall-E (I’m not that much in Star Wars models).

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