TOM THE DANCING BUG: Super-Fun-Pak Comix, featuring Caveman Robot, and MORE!

Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH various absurd situations are comically depicted under the banner of "Super-Fun-Pak Comix," such as the improbable construction of a robot by an early hominid. Join the INNER HIVE for early access to Tom the Dancing Bug comics and more fun stuff.

"I used to spend 20 dollars a year on TOM THE DANCING BUG collections… Happy to support him and pass the word." -Neil Gaiman

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  1. A new/re-newed high for Tom The Dancing Bug. Loads of genuine laughs all on one page.

  2. re:  Darthfield
    This prompts the depressing realization that, at some point, disney will inevitably do a crossover plotline.  My middle-aged self will then react as if I had stained my brand new shirt.

    1. As things stand right now, there’s almost no chance of that, because Disney doesn’t own Star Trek.  Just because the directors for both movies are the same doesn’t mean they’re related.  Now, you might get a Marvel comics/Star Wars crossover… but I doubt it (at least, in movies/TV… in comics, there’s a very very good possibility of it happening at some point). 

      That said, I wish for more irrational crossover plotlines.  Just don’t have them be in-continuity. 

  3. Somehow I am so trained to ignore adds while browsing that I totally skipped the  right side (sponsored)  :D

    1.  I’m kind of the exact opposite, thanks to adblock.
      If I see an ad at all, I’m usually taken aback.  It’s so weird to see anything like an ad online now, that I get really cranky trying to use other people’s computers who don’t have adblocking or a modded hostfile.  It’s like I’ve been walking around Seattle by myself, then when I try to hang out with someone, being forced to walk barefoot through a landfill with them, and they don’t even notice that I’m disgusted and getting stuck with discarded medical waste.

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