Deflated giant duck


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  1. Preston Sturges says:

    “I’m melting! Melting! Oh, what a world,what a world!”

  2. Gulliver says:

    If you squint real hard, you can almost make out Danny DeVito near the nape.

  3. crummett says:

    “Puddle of Duck” would be a good band name.

  4. Preston Sturges says:

    Puddle of duck comes with fried rice and egg roll. 

  5. austinhamman says:

    ok that’s not what i read at first…

  6. timquinn says:

    I am just the sort of spoil sport to point out that it really is much better like this.

  7. Lyle Hopwood says:

    I have (and have had since 1966) a copy of a hardback comic book called The Dalek World (1966), in which, among other adventures, the Daleks destroy a giant steel city belonging to another race of evil robots(?) called the Mechanoids (from Mechanus!).  The last panel shows the last surviving Mechanoid cattywumpus in a sea of twisted metal in the flattened city, and he is saying, in a non-Dalek-greek-font, but not a graphic-novel-Comic-Sans font, “I will rebuild and avenge!”

    I’ve marveled about that Mechanoid’s devotion a lot, but never more strongly than when I saw this deflated duck. It will, I’m sure, rebuild and avenge.

  8. teapot says:

    I took this picture of the duck when it was in Sydney

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