Deflated giant duck

You'll have seen the pictures of a giant rubber duck floating down the world's iconic waterways, from the Thames to Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong -- it's Florentijn Hofman's brainchild. What you may not have seen is what the duck looks like after it's been deflated, and that's even better -- a kind of puddle of duck, which has a Beatrix Potter-y ring to it until you see it and then it has nothing at all about it that suggests Ms Potter's works.

florentijn hofman's giant rubber duck: the aftermath (via Making Light)


  1. I am just the sort of spoil sport to point out that it really is much better like this.

  2. I have (and have had since 1966) a copy of a hardback comic book called The Dalek World (1966), in which, among other adventures, the Daleks destroy a giant steel city belonging to another race of evil robots(?) called the Mechanoids (from Mechanus!).  The last panel shows the last surviving Mechanoid cattywumpus in a sea of twisted metal in the flattened city, and he is saying, in a non-Dalek-greek-font, but not a graphic-novel-Comic-Sans font, “I will rebuild and avenge!”

    I’ve marveled about that Mechanoid’s devotion a lot, but never more strongly than when I saw this deflated duck. It will, I’m sure, rebuild and avenge.

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