Hilda (from the kids' comic) as an 8" vinyl toy

The good people at London's Nobrow Press have done an 8" vinyl toy for the outstanding kids' comic Hilda, created by Luke Pearson (reviews: Book 0, Book 1; Book 2). The Hilda toy is grownup-collector-expensive, but it's also a very nice piece -- I saw one in person last night when I brought my daughter and her friend to the Nobrow store on the way to our weekly daddy-daughter pizza dinner.

Hilda Toy


  1. Not “just” a kid’s comic! I read Hilda and the Bird Parade this weekend (a chance find at the library with my son, who at 2.5 remains uninterested in all books non-truck).

    [Actually, that’s not true. He is interested in all things truck, train, and fairy. Heaven only knows how THAT came about.]

  2. Hm. The pictures all make it look like she’s a statue rather than a toy, but the description says she has “positionable hands”. Wonder what that means?

    …Not that it really matters, because $70 for a 8″ chunk of vinyl is fuck-off laughable. Also, I’m not really opposed to collectors’ figures as a concept, but a collector-priced, non-child-safe, non-play-withable figure is a really weird choice for a kid-oriented comic, even if it does have adult appeal.

    I dunno, I just…I’m a toy fan. I don’t like to say “collector” because people think of some jackass who keeps never-opened boxes in sealed, lightproof cabinets. Toys are meant to be played with. That’s what a toy is. I don’t get the recent proliferation of “toys” that you can’t play with. I guess I’m old, or…something?

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