Hilda (from the kids' comic) as an 8" vinyl toy


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  1. OtherMichael says:

    Not “just” a kid’s comic! I read Hilda and the Bird Parade this weekend (a chance find at the library with my son, who at 2.5 remains uninterested in all books non-truck).

    [Actually, that's not true. He is interested in all things truck, train, and fairy. Heaven only knows how THAT came about.]

  2. PhasmaFelis says:

    Hm. The pictures all make it look like she’s a statue rather than a toy, but the description says she has “positionable hands”. Wonder what that means?

    …Not that it really matters, because $70 for a 8″ chunk of vinyl is fuck-off laughable. Also, I’m not really opposed to collectors’ figures as a concept, but a collector-priced, non-child-safe, non-play-withable figure is a really weird choice for a kid-oriented comic, even if it does have adult appeal.

    I dunno, I just…I’m a toy fan. I don’t like to say “collector” because people think of some jackass who keeps never-opened boxes in sealed, lightproof cabinets. Toys are meant to be played with. That’s what a toy is. I don’t get the recent proliferation of “toys” that you can’t play with. I guess I’m old, or…something?

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