Mammal school

A teacher shows a preserved dolphin to students during a class about mammals at Ancol Smart House in Jakarta May 16, 2013. Ancol Smart House has about 20 animals preserved as means to "educate visitors about their life in the wild." 15m visited the park in 2012, according to PR Officer Aldhita Prayudi Ancol. [Photo: Reuters/Beawiharta]


  1. “educate visitors about their life in the wild.” ?? Reminds me of this BBC documentary about taxidermy, I remember in that many of the taxidermists were espousing the beauty of taxidermy, explaining howvthey were trying to make the animals come “alive”. Strange:

    1.  yea it’s kinda weird but I’m sure whoever shot the thing in the first place used it for meat anyway.

      except when I see taxidermized seaguls. that raises my eyebrows.

    1. “This is how we preserve mammals, children.  Did you know you are mammals too?”

      1.  And next week we’re going to the pathology department to see all the babies in jars!

  2. It seems to me dead animals in a jar are not the best way to educate children on an animals “life in the wild”. These exhibits are for a biology class.

  3. I take my son to the zoo and the aquarium… and to the natural history museum.  Ask Maggie about the Great Mammal Hall at the HMNH.

  4. Couldn’t they just watch an episode of ‘Flipper’?  It must be dubbed in Javanese by now.

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