Toronto mayor sprints out of community council event to stick fridge magnets on cars in the parking lot

Rob Ford, Toronto's laughable bumblefuck of a mayor, attended a community council meeting in the district of Etobicoke on Tuesday night, but didn't stay. After a few minutes, he "sprinted" down the aisle and ran into the parking lot, where he compulsively began slapping "Rob Ford Mayor" fridge-magnets on the cars of the people attending the meeting. When a reporter asked him if this was strange behavior, he responded that "some people find the reporter strange." When his aide and director of operations and logistics David Price was asked about why the mayor's wasn't inside the meeting, he snorted derisively at the idea that the mayor might want to "[sit] and [listen] to those deputations."

Price, Ford's former high school football coach and his recently named director of operations and logistics, put magnets on cars before Ford arrived. He stood between Ford and the reporters after the mayor said he would take no more questions.

Price scoffed at the suggestion that Ford should be attending the meeting-in-progress rather than circling the parking lot.

“He can do whatever he wants. Putting magnets on a community event — what do you expect him to be, up on stage?” Price said. When a reporter said the mayor might be expected to at least sit in the audience and listen, Price said, disparagingly, “Sitting and listening to those deputations?”

Ford, who speaks often of his love of campaigning, spent more than 15 minutes in the church lot. He eventually spotted an acquaintance who uses a wheelchair, calmly wheeled the man in, and returned to his seat deep in the crowd.

He later gave an impassioned speech in opposition to the Humbertown proposal, then stayed to cast a vote against it. It is rare for the mayor to attend a cmmunity council meeting, and several members of the council thanked him for his presence.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford bolts from meeting to put fridge magnets on cars [Daniel Dale/Toronto Star]

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(Image: downsized thumbnail cropped from a larger image by Daniel Dale)


    1. You must be new to Ford. Yes, he will literally run, though it is not very effective.

    2. The text says that he “sprinted”.  Those little curly marks on either side of the word are there for a reason.

    1. Except I believe that the baking company doesn’t have many customers who believe they’re doing a fine job.

      For some inexplicable reason, Ford apparently does.

  1. Between this guy and the Harper government, it really looks like out neighbors to the north are envious of our Right Wing’s tremendous accomplishments in the field of Crazy, and determined to catch up.

  2. Spelling his name in feces on the hoods of the cars probably would have achieved the same result.

  3. The only thing that would have made this better is a few overly-sensitive car alarms going off…

  4. well, right now I’m watching Denis Coderre being interviewed about his Montreal mayoral bid he announced today.

    wish us luck…we might get our own bumblefuck mayor…

  5.  Well, it is spring, and he knows he’d catch it if he disrobed and shot into the air at the meeting (or parking lot.) For calling dispositions or depositions ‘deputations,’ what does Price get, farmed salmon served at his next restaurant jaunt? Not such a huge demerit this time; you might have fixed him up, Cory et. al! (With that in mind, have Nuts & Bjolts always sold Durk Piaiarsson and Sandy Shiviiaw supplements? Because popcorn…lysine…popcorn…you know?)

  6. How again did this guy become mayor of Canada’s largest city?

    This would be like some corrupt billionaire becoming mayor of New York.

    Oh, wait…

  7. Maybe it’s time for a conservatorship and a nice, quiet place to rest.

    1. What do you mean by asking this?

      Note: by asking this question, I’ve given you a chance to climb out of the hole that you have dug. You should probably think carefully before replying. I’ll give you some hints on how not to proceed: attributing assholery to mental illness, using an outdated term like ‘insane’, and diagnosing via Internet are often considered offensive.

        1. You didn’t make me angry. I almost never post when I’m angry (I go for a walk instead). You just disappointed me a little. It is a common tactic in modern life to attribute being an asshole to mental illness. Most people do so without even thinking of it (e.g. “conservatism/liberalism is a mental illness”). Whenever people do this, I just try to make sure they are aware that their words are stigmatizing and damaging (as well as when they diagnose via Internet).

          1. After seeing the next BB posting about Ford, we should maybe be attributing his behavior to cocaine.  It’s a hell of a drug.

          2. While I think were a bit snide and condescending to Finnagain (a sin I’ve been guilty of often enough, FWIW), I agree with you. The trend of chalking stupid/evil/ignorant behavior up to mental illness is really (and I believe most of the time unintentionally) asinine.

            Some people won’t care, but I’m posting this to reach the ones who do care and just don’t consider the ramifications of the stereotype their perpetuating. IMO, and you may disagree, I think crazy is a good substitute for insane or mentally ill. Crazy has become a term that has evolved to the point where most people recognize as a behavior, not a mental state.

  8. whenever i see stories like this, i calm myself down by watching this video.

    over and over and over again.

    1. the best part? the Curly-esque high-pitched muttering as he stumbles away from the scene.

      i keep expecting a “woob-woob-woob-woob”

    1.  I was just going to post the same link. It’s actually a perfect explanation.

  9. He is performing for his constituency who have no regard for egg-heads who actually discuss things and take rational action. he is on point in his battle against boring.

    1. I’m not gonna lie, I giggled with glee as I read Gawkers article. I’m embarrassed that he’s is the leader of our nations largest city, but anything that exposes him as the “bumblefuck” that he is puts a smile on my face.

        1. More like Chanukah, something to celebrate day after day,  Ford on Crack, Duffy down, then out, Wallin a’wailin away, talk that Fordeux won’t go down alone if they are going down… next week (after Monday) is going to be huge, either a huge letdown or a huge improvement

  10. He’s a crackhead or cokehead:

    1.  I’m gravely offended by this remark. The Wiggam family has a long and noble heritage that you cast aspersions upon in your ignorance.

      1. There have been many great Fords, as well. The Fords of Isen and the Fords of Beruna come to mind immediately.

  11. Lay off him, guys. It’s not like he was smoking crack or anything. He just really wants to talk to you.

  12. 528 days until Torontonians can vote for someone else to be mayor… not that I voted for him the last time.

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