11 year old and his 3D printer

Alex sez, "My colleague Chris Neary and filmmaker Nathan Fitch made this great short film about 11-year-old inventor Andrew Man-Hudspith, who was so intent on getting a 3D printer he made a PowerPoint presentation to convince his parents to help him get one."

An 11-year-old and his 3D printer (Thanks, Alex!)


  1. It saddens me one of the first things the clip mentions is a 3D gun was printed. BIG F*CKING DEAL!!! Anyone has been able to make guns for > 100 years. There are hobby stores for making guns. Making a gun is not hard just like making something that explodes is not hard. That 3D printers can also do this should not be news. That to me is like saying metal or plastic can be used to make a gun. No shit. It’s only mentioned to sensationalize. Like Columbine kids played video games. etc… [/rant]

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