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Rob Ford Smokes Crack


    1. It could explain some recent outbursts, but it wouldn’t explain a lifetime of assholery, drunkenness, abuse, and assault. Serious crack use, like serious alcoholism or any major addiction, puts your ability to function in society at about zero. Most people who use crack or cocaine don’t fall into the fucked up junkie role. Most people use it somewhat responsibly. It has the name ‘crack’ which has been severely maligned as a drug for the poor which is used by junkies. This is somewhat true, but it is because it is cheap that it is used by junkies, not because it turns people into junkies. There really isn’t any evidence to support that it is more dangerous or addictive than cocaine. And while cocaine is addictive, it isn’t as addictive as most people think. Pain killers and tobacco are more addictive.

      I mention this not to defend Rob Ford, but to point out that crack is not what most people think it is. And because it has been stereotyped as “the junkie drug”, it has received harsher prison sentences which have had a filtering effect of putting the poor in prison while rich people snort the functionally equivalent lines of cocaine while worrying about the crack epidemic and being mugged by crack addicts. Please note that nothing in what I have said above implies that crack is safe.

      1. Mostly true but, as someone who lived next door to a crack house for 2 1/2 years I would note that, if you were an asshole before, doing crack will give you super-human powers of assholery.  It’s like Popeye with spinach; but not in a good way.

        1. Crack isn’t what caused the psychosis–cocaine is. Crack is just the name of the poor man’s form. And junkies are likely to have issues with psychosis due to previous mental health problems, the use of cocaine (crack), amphetamines, or even sometimes alcohol. A “crack house” is going to have people in a state of psychosis due to their addictions. But it is only called a ‘crack’ house because crack has historically been the cheapest high.

          In any case, recreational use doesn’t turn people into addicts or cause people to go into psychosis. Crack is not the problem. Drug abuse is. If crack didn’t exist, another drug would fill its place.

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