DirecTV among possible buyers of video site Hulu

Reuters reports that DirecTV, America's largest satellite television provider, is one of a number of companies considering a buyout of Time Warner Cable has been identified as one of the other possible suitors.


  1. That sucks. I’ve been using + for the Criterion Collection as Netflix’s catalog has become increasingly awful. Hulu constantly freezes and judders and no one there seems to care or be able to do anything about it. But full a takeover by a cable company will destroy the few things Hulu does have going for it, namely, price and content (quality movies for me and next day tv shows for those who want them). As for Netflix, who cares if there are no commercials if there’s nothing worth watching in the first place? I have a free trial with them which came with my TV and after the recent loss of the Warner films, there’s very little reason for me to renew it when the time comes to do so; possibly getting Flight of the Navigator with their huge Disney acquisition just isn’t enough. According to the person I bitched to yesterday, Netflix’s Chat support is the place to make movie/show requests/suggestions and she claimed it actually makes a difference with the studios.

  2. This makes perfect sense. The recipe for internet success is:
    1. Create an awesome free service
    2. Watch it grow by leaps and bounds because it’s…free
    3. Start the monetization (commercials, ads, click, click, click)
    4. Sell the whole kittenkaboodle to a big corporation that has no creative ability.
    5. Watch it die from the comfort of your private island.

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