Genghis Khan and climate

New research is suggesting that the rise of the Mongolian Empire might have been linked to natural variation in the climate cycle.


  1. There were a mind boggling collection of calculated good/bad policy, tactical decisions and political infighting made by The Mongols and their foes in The West, East and Near East. It will be interesting to see how climate hardships factor in negatively and positively. People will have to be careful though, considering there’s certainly a political/cultural impulse for some Westerners to try to explain away or dismiss the achievements of an empire that bested them.

  2. A kind-of Party line in China these days holds that the Mongols were actually Chinese. Therefore, everything they conquered could be interpreted to kind-of belong to them. They’d also like Okinawa back, thanks.

    1.  That´s bat shit insane, but credible.

      I just hope that line doesn’t get much traction as the “American Exceptionalism” meme.
      We have enough with the USA to suffer the Chinese claiming that everything is rightfully theirs.

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