Grizzly bear eats video camera: close up of terrifying maw

Here's a video of biologist Brad Josephs's GoPro camera being eaten by a grizzly bear in Alaska; he'd set it out in order to get footage for a BBC documentary. The grizzly went above and beyond the call of duty.

A grizzly Ate My GoPro!!! GoPro HD (Thanks, Hugh)


        1. Let’s just say that if you go to Xtube and search for ‘bear rimming’, you will get results.

      1. What I want to know is why my beloved mod seems to know where all the most interesting (read: disturbing) video is on the internet… and how can I sign up for his newsletter? ;^)

  1. He has pretty good teeth.

    (Or she. I assume the number of female camera-eating grizzly bears is comparable to the number of male camera-eating grizzly bears.)

  2. Maybe next time bring the non-salmon-flavored camera? And yes, the second part of the footage was really great.

  3. I’ll admit it. When I saw the video started with the bear eating the camera, but was more than a few seconds long, I expected the middle to be dark and the end to be a brief drop to the ground from the hindquarters of a bear.

    And then we’d finally have INCONTROVERTIBLE VIDEO EVIDENCE about whether bears shit in the woods!

      1. Really, I’d go the other way ’round myself. I’m already a human-sized ravenous eating machine. The strength and terrifying stabby claws could only be a bonus.

        A culture built around sleeping one-fourth of the year would be kind of interesting, though.

  4. Reminds me of this – Alison Mosshart eating a punter’s cellphone while he was videoing the Dead Weather’s performance.  The change from hearing the song through the PA to hearing the cellphone owner screaming into the cellphone mike is quite profound. (About 2:00 to 2:36 into the clip.)

  5. I gotta hand it to GoPro… They are masters of viral marketing. Every schlub with a blog can’t resist passing on one of their videos.

    1. It is interesting how “GoPro” is becoming a proprietary eponym, like Xerox, Kleenex, etc. Good for them I guess.

      Oh, and here’s a version of that video with sound during the mauling:

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