London's getting a blood-filled swimming pool strewn with floating body parts

Miss Cakehead writes, "This set of Zombie Swimming Pool Rules was comissioned from graphic designer Pictographik to promote the Resident Evil Revelations blood swimming pool, and was based on an the iconic traditional British swimming pool rules. The pop up 'blood' filled swimming pool opens in London next week to mark the release of Resident Evil Revelations. In addition to its bloody appearance the swimming pool will offer floats in the form of human torsos, feature brains and intestines as lane markers, have Zombie lifeguards on duty and even offer a diving board in the form of a 'freshly killed human corpse'."

Zombie Pool Rules (Thanks, Miss Cakehead!)


  1. This reminds me of the World of Darkness leviathan pools in Karen Russel’s Swamplandia

  2. The pool where I regularly swim has a large poster with instructions for performing CPR, which always worries me. I hope the lifeguards are already trained, because I’d hate to have a heart attack and have one of them looking at the poster and thinking, “I’m supposed to do what in his mouth?”

    If I could I’d like to discreetly replace the CPR poster with this one. 

    1. “I’m supposed to do what in his mouth?”

      …that can go so very wrong in so many ways.

    2. What if you replaced the poster, and then had a heart attack? I imagine that wouldn’t end well.

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