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14 Responses to “NMA on Rob Ford's crack video”

  1. DevinC says:

    Leaving aside the authenticity of the video, I have to admit the “our mayor’s literally on crack” theory answers a whole lot of nagging questions.

  2. big ryan says:

    i make vector art for istock for a living, i’m proud to say that the illustration of the crack pipe on the still image of the video is one of mine, as far as i’m concerned i’ve now been featured on boing boing, lol


  3. EH says:

    So much win.

  4. DaveLaFontaine says:

    One question: what critter is it that is on the couch next to the Toronto Maple Leafs player and the Canadian Mountie, whooping it up at the wild crack party? Otter? Beaver? Muskrat? Man, the mayor better not be providing narcotics to cute aquatic mammals, or PETA will get involved. And then he’ll really be in trouble. 

  5. Steven B says:

    Oh wow. The Daily Show’s, or at least their tumblr, take notice of this guy. You know it’s bad when an American program is taking notice of anything involving Canada. 


  6. bcsizemo says:

    And here I read that as “NWA on Rob Ford’s crack video”…

  7. Kommkast says:

    I still want to know, how did this chucklefuck get in office?

    • Dan Hibiki says:

      The same way most conservatives get elected.
      He lied about government spending and promised to save the city millions of dollars if elected and he appealed to old stupid people living in suburbs thanks to their shared hatred for liberal major cities.

      • matthewfabb says:

        To add what Dan mentioned, Rob Ford got 47% of the vote and the 2 other candidates split the left-wing vote, that combined would have beaten Rob Ford.

        In the end his small soundbite that he constantly gave that city hall is broken and that only he could fix it. He promised he would be able reduce taxes without cutting services (the later falling through of course) appealed to people.

  8. sockdoll says:

    Rob Ford’s crack

    NOT a subject I’d care to contemplate…