Black Code: how spies, cops and crims are making cyberspace unfit for human habitation


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  1. billstewart says:

    David Brin’s 1997 book “The Transparent Society” is, annoyingly, probably optimistic in its predictions of where we’ve gone since then.  On the other hand, while people aren’t all wearing Google Glasses, they’re carrying smartphones, and half the world can take pictures of events around them and post them onto the net.

  2. Nick Kukich says:

    The Internet isn’t as fragile as some think.

    The author should be wagging his finger at software developers and users.  Ultimately, that’s where the problems lie.  Developers to write better code and users to demand it.

    In a vast, anonymous network it should be expected that miscreants will take advantage of any and every tool they find.  The trick is to limit those tools.

    Oh, and a sternly-worded epilogue won’t do anything to stop it.

  3. Gulliver says:

    Um, at the risk of nitpicking, aren’t “emergent conspiracy” and “accidental conspiracy” oxymoronic?

    • Steve Nordquist says:

      Cory, thanks for the Readable Canadian News link; hoping for your liner notes on the 12 script hosts it defers to.

      Emergent Conspiracy is briefer than describing the UML schema type error or oversight review fault, but there are probably better candidate words that drop the ad-hominem from outsourced government creep, defederalization auction,  bondsbombing, trustsgrifting…whatever we make out from the 380 pages, sorry.

  4. Clifton says:

    “an incandescent call to arms demanding that states and their agents
    cease their depraved indifference to the unintended consequences of
    their online war games and join with civil society groups that work to
    make the networked society into a freer, better place”

    Yeah, that’ll work.

    It’ll work about as well as lecturing the guy mugging you about the virtues of anarchism.

    • Steve Nordquist says:

       CFL, LED, HID calls to arms and automagic TOS review to follow in 2E. Also, Reelect 4chan FNGO FRAND API WG sounded too tweedy.

  5. Joe Nolan says:

    Nice to see a Citizen Lab mention here. I love their hack-the-hackers exploits. And thanks for the thoughtful review. 

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