World's tiniest monkey eats a noodle

About this video, which shows a Pygmy Marmoset noshing on a macaroni, Meredith Yayanos says: "The tinier the primate, the deeper the Uncanny Valley." I don't know anything about the conditions under which this video was shot, but obviously monkeys belong in their natural habitat, not in someone's home eating macaroni. Still, wow: how amazing and adorable the creature is.


  1. Given the pygmy marmoset’s geographic range (northwestern South America) and the time I’ve spent in that region, I’m going to guess that this little guy isn’t more than about 50 feet from his native habitat. And I’m also guessing that he was invited, rather than captured. The bars on those open windows (hear the traffic?) wouldn’t stand a chance of keeping him out.

  2. “I don’t know anything about the conditions under which this video was shot, but obviously monkeys belong in their natural habitat, not in someone’s home eating macaroni.”  

    Meaning, I don’t know anything about this, but I’m still going to judge and tell these people, who I don’t know, what they should do.  

    Jesus, tough room.

    1. I had the same reaction initially, but I think Xeni’s point wasn’t to judge the people with the monkey in the video, but to remind people watching that just because they find monkeys cute they shouldn’t want to own one as a pet.

        1. You’re right – they are cute pretty cute primates, but still it’s wrong; biebers belong in their natural habitat, not in someone’s kitchen eating macaroni!

      1.  She’s the writer, let her defend herself. Either reading of her words is plausible.

  3. Actually, the pygmy marmoset’s natural habitat is a pasta rain forest.  So it’s not unusual for them to eat macaroni, though they prefer penne if they can find it.   

    1. I believe this fellow’s from a tribe that migrated to Switzerland, home of the annual Spaghetti harvest.

  4. After all the 200-lb, face-ripping, xanax-chomping, diaper-wearing chimpanzees we’ve seen (well, ok, one, but one is too many), this is a refreshing counterexample.

  5. He’s so cute.  Munchin’, checkin’ around, thinkin’ “I hope those big monkeys don’t notice I stole their most valuable treasure”

    1. My 15 cats would very much like me to get them… anything that moves and they can claw to death too!

  6. In fairness, the owner of the house, the one providing the noodle:    That house isn’t really their nature habitat either!

    1. Are you sure? It seems to me that Homo Sapiens Sapiens, when left to themselves, tend to build world-spanning space-faring civilizations full of little boxes in which they like to live.

  7. …but let’s perpetuate cuteness videos of monkeys in domestic situations, driving more demand for pet monkeys. Fuck the monkeys, they exist for our amusement. Because humans.

      1.  It’s just disappointing to see someone that I generally associate with intelligence and integrity jump onto the bandwagon and pass something like this along with a very weak caveat. I don’t expect that Xeni would post on how cool captive whale shows are, because while also carrying a good Awwww… factor, they are cruel and tied to exploitative harvesting practices. Just like the Pygmy Marmoset trade.

  8. “I don’t know anything about the conditions under which this video was shot but i sure do like to make assumptions” this monkey could have jumped through a window for all we know. Food animals belong in their natural habitats as well but not many people seem to care

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