Hacker News, "a community for Ex-Redditors"


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  1. Lt. Col. w00t says:

    the Eternal September strikes again. 

    • theophrastvs says:

      ..or in this case the reverse, as the elitists attempt to flee (the red tide of AOLers) to the suburbs.  but (have no fear!) they bear with them the seeds of their own demise (as did slashdot before them).   so it begins as it once ended, (the smell of incense it fills the air inside this room cast of light colorly strewn about the floor… yadda)

  2. angusm says:

    “When things get so big, I don’t trust them at all/You want some control, you got to keep it small.” ["D.I.Y.", Peter Gabriel]

    The character of pretty much any community – online or not – changes as it grows. More than that, communities seem to change over time, as people move in and out. My impression is that there may be a kind of natural ‘half-life’ for any community. Successful communities enjoy a window of popularity rather than an indefinite lease. If someone tells you that their vision of the future is “Facebook stamping on a human face — forever”, they’re probably wrong.

  3. MrScience says:

    Someone send me a private message of the post-Hacker-News website. :) I never seem to get in on the ground floor when everything’s small. Excepting my Slashdot years, possibly… but even then it was early-99 so 2 years in when I joined.

    • Warrick says:

      Gajantic is you next colossus, but is still so new it has that new-home smell — and echo-y sound. Takes a special kind of person to be among the very first – maybe you have that quality?

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