Monster made from taxidermied deer's butt

Buttttt This pleasantly creepy fellow was once the tail end of a deer. Adam Wallacavage encountered him at Prof. Ouch's Bizarre Bazaar & Odditorium in Philadelphia.


  1. That’s the most reserved version of a Rearwolf I’ve seen. Usually the sphincter sports fangs.

    1. It probably isn’t. When you skin an animal (correctly anyway) the rectum remains attached to the carcass. You the have to cut around it to release the intestines from the carcass when you gut it. So unless some one fucked up or deliberately sought to preserve the butthole, those lips are not what you think they are. 

  2. I thought this was common. I’ve seen sasquatch and yeti deer butts in a number of hunting and talckle shops. This one’s really well done.

      1. Can you find out where your friend got one? I have a cabinet of curiosities, and that’s the nicest I’ve seen.

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