Profile of math-inspired 3D printing sculptor Bathsheba Grossman


5 Responses to “Profile of math-inspired 3D printing sculptor Bathsheba Grossman”

  1. Steve Taylor says:

    That is one seriously overtalented family. I’ve admired her sculpture for some time, and fallen in love with both _The Magicians_ and _Soon I Will Be Invincible_ without considering that they might all be related.

  2. awjt says:

    I see someone’s right butt-cheek.

  3. Bathsheba Grossman says:

    Thanks again, Cory!
    Maybe sometime the four of us should have dinner.  :-)

  4. jmzero says:

    Wow – sold.  A note: these aren’t necessarily expensive – you can get an Ora pendant for less than $10 (depending on material – I picked “Polished Alumide” for $8.62).  I also got a “The Code prize, fire colour” ( because that is super crazy awesome.   

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