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8 Responses to “Ray Manzarek, founding member of The Doors, dies of cancer at 74”

  1. Owen Nohn says:

    Thanks, Ray. You live on in your music (sheds a tear)

  2. noah django says:

    I always thought it was the coolest that he helped define the cutting edge of the LA sound in two separate bands (one of them was slightly more popular, though.)  Due to that, he was represented twice in Jane’s Addiction’s “LA Medley,” which is a fitting tribute, I think:

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  4. dejoh says:

    Thanks for the tribute.  Haven’t enjoyed  that tune since my album melted in the back seat of my car.

  5. ffabian says:

    Why was he in a german clinic? I thought the US healthcare system is the best money can buy?

  6. lsamsa says:

    Very sad. A great musician with great forsight. RIP.

  7. mindysan33 says:

    Very sad news.  The Doors had a very unique sound for their time.

    Also, fuck cancer.

  8. guanolad says:

    So glad you mentioned Manzarek’s connection to X, a truly awesome (i.e. awe-inspiring) band.  The punk connections don’t end there:  Jello Biafra has cited The Doors as his most important early musical influence!