HOWTO make a "Swiss Army knife" key ring

I have an annoyingly bulky key ring. I frequently clip it to my belt like a janitor, but this DIY "Swiss Army Key Ring" seems like a nice alternative. However, it does mean giving up car remote fobs. Swiss Army Key Ring (Instructables)


  1. The ones that I have seen before involve a bit more work, but result in a smaller package…  Specifically, they usually instruct one to grind the large “head” of the key down.  
    I think that there was one project that showed how to replace a knife blade with a key in a standard pocket knife.

  2. This looks like it would work. The metal inserts are a nice touch.

    As the above poster says, you will need to cut down your huge key heads
    or “bows” as they are called in the key industry. I prefer a hacksaw to a
    grinder, as it is a lot faster. I cut down my office key bows to fit the keys on my standard keyring. The university is not happy about it, but they are the folks who provide the ridiculously huge keys. I have to use them every day, so I figure it’s up to me to make them usable.

  3. NEVER post pictures of your keys online. It’s trivial (at least for common keyway shapes) for someone to produce a working copy of a key from just an image.

    Granted, an attacker still needs to know where to use said key, so it’s a bit harder to take advantage of than say, someone posting pictures of their credit cards online, but it’s still a bonehead move.

    1. As the saying goes “locks only keep honest people out”.  Sure, it’s fairly easy to make a copy of a key from an image (and sure, you should blur your keys if you post them online because of this, agreed) but you know what else is easy?  Learning to pick locks.

      Just saying – it’s probably not the people who would take the time to spoof a key from an image or who know how to pick locks that you probably need to worry about. 

  4. This is one instance where countersunk screws would have been a better choice over pan head.

  5. This has already been done!  Neistat brothers long time ago:

  6. This has been done before… Van Neistat had this on his HBO tv show.

  7. The rightmost key is a very cheap one, to open a VHS tape storage cabinet or somesuch.
    The two to its left are a pair of identical Kwikset house keys.
    The one to the left of that is a slightly better house key.
    The leftmost key is another Kwikset key.
    Its neighbor to the right is a National cabinet key (classroom cupboards or similar).
    The other two aren’t immediately discernable.

    How did I know all that? I pay attention to my keys. When I was in high school, I used a file to modify a Kwikset house key into a key that would open all the Master combination locks o nthe P.E. lockers in my school.

  8. For my keychains I cut the key heads into a round shape and replaced some of the tools on a Crankbrother’s M5 bike tool:
    Thus far the TSA hasn’t confiscated it; most of the screeners inspect it to verify that there are no blades (it has an M3, M4 and M5 hex, and a Philips head screwdriver) and pronounce it “cool!”.

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