In defense of the selfie

Sam Kassé defends the selfie, blight of social networks: "I know most people hate selfies. They groan and complain about them, from the duck lips to the filters. Why, just the word “selfie” can induce legendary amounts of eyerolling. What people seem to miss, is that selfies are actually great. No, scratch that, selfies are brilliant! One of my favourite pastimes at work is to (discreetly) scroll through my Instagram feed and see pictures of my friends feeling good about themselves."


  1. Why is it that so many taken are in cars? Is it that someone has time on their hands while waiting and happens to notice in the sun-shade mirrors that they have particularly nice lighting at the moment?

    1. I was wondering the same about the bathroom selfies. Is there literally no other mirror in your house?

      1. Oftentimes, there isn’t, except maybe for hand mirrors. Though taking selfies in a hand mirror could be a fun skill to develop…

  2. I actually don’t get the generalized hate for the Selfie –  it is strange.  Criticising particular elements ok, but all of them a priori?

  3. It’s one thing to take selfies, did that when I was a kid. However, when one tries to demonstrate their coolness and badassery or even worse, make a meme out of it and whores it, no. 

  4. Unfamiliar with the term, I first assumed “a selfie” referred to masturbation and wondered who would put that on facebook. Oh well.

    1.  Not a term I’m familiar with either.

      Sometimes I feel that I don’t spend nearly enough time making sure I’ve got my finger on the pulse of what’s culturally relevant for each 15 minute period.

      But mostly not.

    2. I first assumed “a selfie” referred to masturbation

      Only if you do it in your onesie.

  5. I just hate the word “selfie”, I could care less about folks taking pictures of themselves.

  6. I don’t understand the hate ? Learning to figure out how to block someone on your feed has to be easier. I like the self expression the silliness that’s captured. It’s about capturing the moment. You can browse interesting selfies at enjoy!

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