Anatomical pinball table


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  1. edgore says:


    That is all.

  2. jandrese says:

    That’s one monster dead zone on that board.  The gutters look pretty wide open too.  It shouldn’t be a surprise you burned all of your balls up in no time flat.  

  3. morcheeba says:

    “Extra ball”  hehe

  4. Preston Sturges says:

    Oh god, I remember playing that old Gottleib machine.

  5. Chentzilla says:

    First they ask you to practice, then say you’re hooked and distanced from violence…

  6. CaptainPedge says:

    Now I know where my IBS comes from! Too many letters in my guts.

    Or not enough.

    Wait! Which is it?! Gah!

  7. luckythepainproofman says:

    This is fucking drool-worthy. Thanks Cory.

  8. Christopher says:

    It looks pretty cool, but, as a pinball addict, my first thought is, how’s the gameplay?

  9. Brett Myers says:

    My buddy Jeph did the restoration on the older machine Howie used for this project. I forget what the original game was, though. 

    • Jeph Stahl says:

      Gottlieb Pinball Pool!

  10. futnuh says:

    I’m glad to see this is a commissioned art installation rather than an interactive for an actual museum exhibit.  As the former, it is stunning.  As the latter, not so much.

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