Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" music video

Somebody leaked the video for Daft Punk's "Get Lucky!" (Thanks, Gabe Adiv!)


  1. I’m confused, I’m pretty sure this isn’t new. I’m sure I saw it back in the 19A0s.

    1. You’re right, this isn’t original.   These exact video clips from Soul Train have been used before in other dance song videos created by random people.    It’s amazing how no matter what type of dance track – if it has a four on the floor beat – the folks at Soul Train know how to move to it.

  2. Jesus Christ those magnificent bastards. With one simple move they showed who they owed their musical debts to and exactly how strange it is to live in an culture of nostalgia, not to mention provided a great visual companion to the song. Just brilliant.

  3. I was just watching this exact clip, not 1 minute ago, and now I see it posted here. There is no way in hell BB suddenly just happens to post this after I spent a couple hours listening to this on youtube.

    Either BB has esp, or there is some sort of reverse cookie tracking involved. I don’t know whether to be flattered, enraged, or freaked out.

      1. I assume repo man? I still don’t get it. Just incredible coincidence? It’s still freaky.

        1. I was just being a smart ass. But I’d say it’s not the craziest coincidence, given that this song is blowing up and its various accompanying viral videos have been doing the rounds.  I’m pretty sure bb is not watching you. 

  4. It’s good, but not as good as this cover: http://youtu.be/s6NDY8FSr9M  To be honest I wouldn’t have known Daft Punk from any other band until George Barnett covered “Get Lucky” – but having heard his, and gone to listen to the original, I definitely prefer his version – it has a verve and energy which is missing from the official version.

    Edited to add: They say Daft Punk spent $1 million on production for their album. George not only sings, plays all the instruments, but filmed and edited the video too… and he’s only 19 years old.

      1.  Of course.  It’s a great song.  But George’s original work is also amazing.  I’m quite surprised that the 2.7 million + views have only driven about 10% of the viewers to check it out… unless they’re all playing the Get Lucky cover 10 times, lol.  I love this: http://youtu.be/A4N3S9a_Jqs

    1. He’s very talented and its an awesome cover. However it is still a traditional treatment. DP’s angle is that they deconstruct traditional forms and then reconstruct them through a very precise technology driven lens.

      Its not to everyone’s taste and I don’t criticise your preference at all, I do think you might be understating some of the subtlety of DP’s act though.

    2. I suspect Daft Punk themselves would be happy to admit that a big part of what makes their new album so compelling is the expensive production and the way it sounds. Without that, it wouldn’t work anywhere near as well, though it’d still be good music.

      This type of music does not need to be so expensive, as that cover version proves. Daft Punk fans already know that, of course, as the earlier Daft Punk albums were largely sample-based, which is dirt-cheap compared to the live musicians used on the new album.

      But there are multiple aspects to the music, one of which is verve and energy as you say – the things that make a lot of rock and roll compelling despite sometimes-lackluster musicianship (on the flip side you have corporate pop, with perfectly produced music but no real drive or energy).

      So what Daft Punk have done is combined supreme and tight musicianship, expensive sound, and a refreshingly restrained-yet-forceful sense of drive and energy compared to other modern music. 

      On their own, each of these things is great – the cover you link to sounds great because he’s a good musician and certainly has energy. But it’s the sum of so many different parts, including the expensive production that George Barnett lacks, that elevates the original version so high, even though broken up it’s all pretty simple (including the song itself, which is why George is able to replicate it so well).

      In fact it’s greater than the sum of its parts, which is clear if you pay too close attention to the quality of the lyrics throughout the album :)

      I wouldn’t praise the album unequivocally as it isn’t perfect (though nothing ambitious ever is), but with nice headphones it is quite the eargasm – pure musical pleasure.

    3. I think this is a perfect example of the Uncanny Valley. There is a trove of people such as yourself that like the George Barnett version better. The original is too precise, and George’s version is flawed, which to some, is more appealing. It’s more…human.

    4. The cover is nice and all, but Daft Punk’s version is way better, and an illustration for me of how oftentimes less is more. George tends to force it a little, gives it too much energy and pep. It sounds cluttered and overdone. A lot of young musicians make that mistake, which is why time and time again we see older acts come out with new retro minimalist albums. George needs to focus less on covering the song and more on to settling into the groove. Which is the best part of the Daft Punk album, it’s a groove they’re settling into.

    5.  I like this cover, listening to the album I was thinking that it needed more bass, but it really is an old school disco album with the production values to match so the thumping techno style bass drum is out which is, in my opinion, the biggest difference between the original and goeorge’s cover, George’s cover is more danceable by modern standards and has more energy because of the driving bass beat. Daft Punks song is good music to which you can incidentally dance to. I’m still trying to digest it all but I like it a lot, that subdued sound and wonderful musicianship does not tire the ear as some more modern takes might.

  5. I think I saw a lot of that footage, just last night, attached to another track from this album! Definitely captures a feeling!

    If you dig this, you’ll prob’ly also really dig Mayer Hawthorne’s A Long Time, using clips from The New Dance Show, a Detroit local variant of Soul Train.

    1. Seconded- Mayer Hawthorne is amazing, and that is my favorite track by him.

      Good call, people who like “Get Lucky” will definitely like that song. Check him out!
      Not a fan of the mushier stuff he does though…

      1. You have to link to animated gifs. Embedding sucks the life out of them.

  6. I’m pretty sure this is not the official “Get Lucky” video…didn’t even seem to be in sync with the music. This looks more legit, has Pharell Williams in it singing the lyrics – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h5EofwRzit0

  7. On a mostly unrelated note: Why does youtube´s buffering suck so much lately? I can hardly ever get past 30 seconds before the video hangs up.

      1. You´d think Google had the means to get a grip on problems like this over the course of a month.

        1. I know, right? I think if anything it just highlights the scale of the issue.

          For what it’s worth I know of startups that have failed, even though they turn a profit, because of ghosts in code and problems in servers that are so difficult to fix they’re better off scrapping everything and starting again.

          I guess even giants can fall!

          1. Fuckin´programming, how does it work? Don´t ask me, I just want to watch some cupcake tutorials.

  8. Why everyone is creaming themselves over this stale disco dreck is beyond me.  Pathetic.

      1. I am cranky.  That is certain.  I’m not trying to change anyones mind. I just don’t get it. Some are like “it’s so bad it’s good.”  Does good music have to be “good?” bla bla etc. etc.  I think people are afraid to be honest since it’s so popular. Nobody wants to be a party pooper.  Nonsense.  Why can’t I say I think it sucks?

  9. I’ve always thought Soul Train footage was the best thing we could have put on Voyager One….Instead of Beethoven (All due respect).

  10. I love that someone takes time out of their very busy day of interneting to delete all comments that they disagree with.  You’re living the dream.

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