Jack Kirby's grandson is kickstarting a coffee-table book about the "King of Comics"

Zack sez, "Jack 'King of Comics' Kirby's grandson is looking to raise funds for a coffee-table-sized book that will look at Kirby's life and times...along with a never-before-seen play by the master of comics. The book will include a wide variety of unpublished personal photographs and artwork from Kirby dating through the 1980s."

You have to pledge at least $50 to get a copy of the book, which is a lot, though the book sounds rather spectacular. Kirby's grandson doesn't list any publishing experience in his bio and doesn't list any helpers experienced in printing, layout, QA, or fulfillment, so caveat emptor.

Personal Look into the life of Jack Kirby The King Of Comics (Thanks, Zack!)


  1. Isn’t that kinda what Mark Evanier put out a few years ago? Not that that would stop me from getting another giant book of Kirby art. I guess Evanier’s wasn’t actually “coffee-table-sized”, so that’s the difference.

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