RIAA losing money, firing employees, giving execs raises


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  1. Jake0748 says:

    Finally!  Reality might actually catch up with the RIAA?  Wheeee!

  2. headcode says:

    I’m not sure I’m parsing this correctly, but are they spending millions to make less than $200,000?

    • Tynam says:

      Yep.  It was never about the money; it was about intimidating their customers.

      Apparently this is a business model now.

  3. anon0mouse says:

    It’s a cannibal culture. There’s no good way for this to end (for them).

    • Frank W says:

       Why not? 1.37 mill last year, 1.46 mill this year? Good times. Prison is for small crooks.

      • 1.46mil dollars IS ‘small crooks’.

      • anon0mouse says:

        Eventually you end up with a company made up of nothing but execs.  Everyone else is gone.  Worked for a company like that until it imploded.  After all the downsizing, they had nearly as many VP’s as staff before it all went south.

        • James Penrose says:

           As long as they can convince some music companies to fund them, they will be fine.  It’s a nice bit of internal corporate welfare since most of the executive types are no doubt good friends and have no issue with using their shareholders’ money to support their buddies’ lifestyles.

  4. robotmonkeys says:

    Worked for Hostess!

  5. Lemoutan says:

    … Chairman and CEO Cary Sherman, for example, earned $1.46 million …

    Not to single him out or anything (I don’t know the guy – he might be a nice chap, underneath) but I always have trouble with the word earned in sentences like that. Didn’t ‘earn’ used to go with words like ‘effort’ and ‘deserve’?

    • Jubilex says:

       Wearing a suit in an air conditioned office where your admin assistant does 99% of your work for you *is* effort and deserving!

      Don’t you know it’s just the hoi-polloi that are lazy.

      No one that stands on their feet all day busting their ass serving others put in an honest days work.

    • Have you got access to information we don’t?

      The ‘CEO’s are lazy suit wearers’ rhetoric weakens arguments, because it’s silly and often completely un-warranted. CEO’s I know don’t STOP working.

      • chgoliz says:

         The CEOs I know take long lunches, naps in the office, and are away on “business” (i.e., golfing, etc.) a significant amount of the time.  And they’re taking advantage of the people who work under them, especially the women (in more than one way).  Their wives (and they always *are* wives) find various ways to accommodate their position in life, which is to be the perfect helpmate….which often requires them to be silent and invisible.

        There are very few CEOs these days who EVER worked on the shop floor or pulled a double.

      • Antinous / Moderator says:

        I’ve long suspected that you live in an alternate universe and have a network connection through a wormhole.

        • Hah, it would certainly explain a lot.

          Although in this case I just don’t live in an American sitcom.

          The CEO’s I’ve known are just people. I’ve worked with good ones and bad ones – they do tend to fit certain personality types, but not necessarily evil ones. The one thing I can say for sure about all of the CEO’s I’ve worked with, they sacrifice their life for their work.

          There is one exception from my own life that I can think of – but he was gifted the position by his family and I’m not entirely sure the business made any money anyway; at least not legitimately.

        • Unless of course we consider the Atlantic a wormhole; which could explain some things.

    • Anton Gully says:

      ISPs “voluntarily” bringing in 5 strikes rules in the US, UK ISPs being forced to block access to various torrent sites, not to mention any number of similar laws being debated worldwide. These guys are wrong but they are anything but lazy.

  6. Anthony I says:

    Ha, glad to see that the CEO of the RIAA adds value to the organization!  

  7. angusm says:

    I think the RIAA giving its top execs handsome bonuses while cutting jobs is one of those “you knew I was a scorpion when you picked me up” things.

  8. GregS says:

    “RIAA losing money, firing employees, giving execs raises”

    So the system works! And the next stage will be for the RIAA to lobby Congress for a subsidy to cover its losses so it can contine its important work of fighting piracy and giving its execs more raises.

  9. felonmarmer says:

    Average of 50hrs a week, bet he spends all that time on PBay.

  10. signsofrain says:

    We are watching them thrash as they drown. Soon they will breathe deep the water of their failure and go still. Seriously, it’s going to become apparent even to the most hard-core anti-pirate that lawsuits and FUD don’t do anything to discourage pirates. These guys won’t be funded by anyone for much longer. 

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