As Google maps the Galapagos, odd encounters with locals occur

[Click for larger size]. Google today announced a new adventure with the Street View Trekker: The Galapagos Islands. In early May, Google representatives traveled to the islands to collect 360-degree imagery on land and in water. The imagery will be available on Google Maps in late 2013. Here are more photos of the data collectors in action, sometimes while eyed by local creatures.


  1. I can’t wait for the release of Google Maps: rest stop toilets and vending machines.

  2. “Street View Trekker”? i guess it’s true that “Google Street Walker” wouldn’t have been a good naming choice, even though it is more obvious.

  3. There cannot be enough documentation of the Galapagos…just in case.

    I feel fortunate to have met Lonesome George.  Talk about an era gone forever.

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