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20 Responses to “Boards of Canada: Reach for the Dead (from "Tomorrow's Harvest," 2013)”

  1. joe blough says:

    thanks xeni, only knew about the soundcloud; didn’t realize a video was up! between new BOC, daft punk and MBV, 2013 is HUGE.

    • dasanjos says:

      Hey, Joe – what band is MBV? 

      • joe blough says:

        yes, MBV = my bloody valentine. MBV is shoegaze, so not really like BoC but so sublime. similar to BoC is Tycho, Bocuma, Bibio (to a lesser degree), Lone/Kona Triangle. Caribou (formerly Manitoba) is sorta similar. Marumari and Casino vs. Japan also similar to BoC i suppose.

  2. michaelismichael says:

    Very happy about the new album. I’ll just ask other commenters to refrain from comparing BoC to boring French dance bands.

    • joe blough says:

       thanks for your very important opinion regarding my musical taste. quite honestly i have no idea how i ever liked daft punk and BoC at the same time and i will now stop listening to daft punk thanks to you.

      • Tunacorn says:

        I’ve just come to the same conclusions thanks to michaelismichael. I have really been enjoying the new Daft Punk album, but realize when compared to BoC it must be considered dull. I have preordered Tomorrow’s Harvest and will sit in silent anticipation awaiting the only music I can justifiably enjoy. 

        • joe blough says:

           yes, i am also sitting in silence, and in the dark as well. definitely not listening to Daft Punk.

      • Koocheekoo says:

        Don’t let Mr Grumpy get to you. I enjoyed Daft Punk’s take on Tron greatly and been a fan of Boards of Canada for some time now.  You might also want to check out Trentemoller if you have not yet.  I have not listened to My Bloody Valentine much, will check them out as well. 

  3. madopal says:

    I just have to say, like O’Reilly, Warp “gets it.”  Timeline: track plays on BBC1, within minutes of finishing (probably earlier), all preorders of the album have the track available for download.  At the same time, song goes up on Soundcloud, and 1080 vid goes up on YouTube.
    This is the way to get people to listen.  Allow them to do so, and reward them for participating. Apparently, most of the RIAA only understands the stick, not the carrot.

    • jadezakozyl says:

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  4. kartwaffles says:

    Except in North America, where it will only be available via Pirate Bay until the 11th.

  5. kc_cramer says:

    Try this. Start the music video. Then scroll down to the tornado video and select the link to raw video. I accidentally timed it so the climax of the music coincided with the shot of the kids’ backpacks hanging on hooks.

  6. bobarctor says:

    The sound is most awesome. Processed DV capture doesn’t pass for analogue, though. Some sort of uncanny valley parallel.

    • Graham says:

      That’s kind of part of the appeal of Boards of Canada, even the music sort of sits in that uneasy space between digital and analogue. EIGHT years since the last album, doesn’t seem that long…

  7. snagglepuss says:

    So….In what part of Canada was this filmed ?

  8. Nice. Totally reminds me of one of my favorite Kraut Rock records: