Conversations with my 2 year old: a web video series

"Actual conversations with my 2 year old daughter, as re-enacted by me and another full grown man." Episode 1 of what I hope will be a regular series by Warmland Films. (via Dangerous Minds)


  1. Excellent. But these amateur filmmakers with their fancy SLRs and large-aperture glass should hire better focus pullers (or just stop down for goodness sake).

    1. Wow aren’t you just the professional. Going right at the guy because you’ve never had a video that had this many views. 

      Go back to your videomakers forums and go pull your focus over there.

      1. Hey now, I think the vid is great. I was just pointing out the filmmaker could stop it down a bit and the subjects would be in focus. They obviously put a lot of effort into this, and I hate to see an otherwise great segment marred by focus problems. Just because you have fast lenses doesn’t mean everything has to be shot wide-open, which seems to be the trend lately. (and actually, I do have a 1.9 million-view video that’s no where near as nicely shot as this.)

        1. Seems like valid advice that just came out snarky.  Just because you know a lot about videography doesn’t mean you need to have your mouth wide open all the time.  Maybe just “stop it”, and give a compliment instead?

          1.  No. Sand Park! You a Drumt Fruck! Gesudski I seeaw an excavatey. Not back; right over. I digger you dump. GesudskI I hate; noth/ing.

          2. If it’s valid advice, he should give it. The snark could be changed if necessary, but he doesn’t need to shut up. Or is the internet just supposed to be nice platitudes and no meaningful criticism or dialog?

            And FFS, ‘Just because you know a lot about videography doesn’t mean you need to have your mouth wide open all the time.  Maybe just “stop it”‘? Follow your own advice.

  2. The guy playing the kid is perfect.  The mom’s apologetic “yyyeeeaah; it’s ‘that kind’ of  day” cringe is spot on.

  3. And suddenly The Only Way is Essex and Made in Chelsea… which I never could understand before… make sense.  ISH.  I remember some conversations from my children’s childhood which would benefit from this treatment, lol

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