"I will punch you right through that sign"

You know those inspirational text-wall photos that friends of friends post to Pinterest and Facebook, full of blithe clichés and maudlin motivational monologues? Dude. Fengi, on livejournal, fixed them for you. [UPDATED: And here we go.]


  1. i’m glad this is making the rounds again.  it’s been around for a while:

    oh, and it’s spot on

  2. Between meaninglessness and nastiness, I’d just walk away from both sign-holders and wish them good luck. One will be crushed by the world, the other will do the crushing. I don’t see either one as particularly laudatory.

    1.  one is in direct response to the other.  can you guess which?  does that make it more or less laudable?

    2. If only there was some way to post that using different font sizes. Then it would have some sort of…I don’t know…impact…bagel?

    3. If I read Fengi’s intent correctly (and I’d like to imagine I do), the text he wrote is what the sign might as well say, a kind of subtext or — if you will — the invisible contents of the invisible knapsack the sign-bearer is toting along with the sign. It is a critique and, if I read him correctly (and again I’d like to imagine I do), as far from something he’d actually wish upon someone as possible.

  3. Mmmm, now that’s good cynicism.  Counteracts all that earnestness that’s converting itself into ulcers in my gut.

  4. Wait, I thought it was all water around me and some other stuff. Maybe the person holding up the saccharine sign really believes that, or needs that to maintain any sense of hope in the world. And maybe, just maybe, recognizing that can make reading that saccharine sign a holy moment for you. 

    Or whatever.

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