Immigration woes for Amy's Bakery co-owner

More on Amy's Bakery, the restauranteurs who staged a world-beating social-media meltdown: Sami "Mr Amy" Bouzaglo faces deportation -- tl;dr: he's an Israeli citizen who's been banned from Germany and France for drug offenses and faces an immigration hearing in the USA. (Thanks, Matthew!)


  1. As much as that guy is a total schmuck, international drug laws shouldn’t be the cudgel we use to beat him.

    1. I think it is more about not disclosing that information on his immigration papers. While past criminal convictions in other countries can keep you out of the US in some cases, it is generally more the lying that is an issue and gets people in trouble.

    2. The guy brags about being a “gangster” on a regular basis in the States, besides that it’s not just “drug laws”, he has past experience with extortion, threats, and continues to threaten persons in the US. He’s not a good dude, he’s certainly not an occasional toker, I’m fine with keeping con-men and violent thugs out of the States.

      1. Then deport them based on evidence that they have committed fraud or violent crimes. The War on Drugs is destructive, even though it does sometimes catch people who deserve what they get.

        1. I notice you didn’t respond to Snickerdoodle, who pretty much explained the issue.

        2.  He’s being investigated for lying under oath about his past in order to get immigration status.  Big’s called “perjury” and the problems started about two years ago, long before the current flap started.

          When you sign an immigration application, you are swearing under oath etc that you told the truth.

          Both of them seemed determined to go down in flaming lunacy and as publicly as possible.

        3. “Then deport them based on evidence that they have committed fraud or violent crimes”

          This is exactly what’s going on.

  2. Is he right wing too? He could maybe get elected to high office if he’s sent back to Israel.

    1. Yes, they’re both right-wing fraudsters. The wife volunteered for the GOP to prove how grounded and responsible she was post-felony arrest.

  3. this was expected, right?  We all saw the way he monopolized the till and other behaviour to think that the cake shop was a front for money laundering.  Or was that just me?

  4. Wasn’t one of her rants against Gordon Ramsay that he couldn’t understand consumer culture because he wasn’t American? OK then.

  5. Well that could explain a lot. Here, he’d be acting unspeakably rude but in Israel that seemed pretty normal behavior.

    1. You might want to read Navin’s post above to see how it is possible to make a cultural joke without resorting to pejorative stereotypes.

  6. ….I don’t know about you, but I’m waiting for Michelle Bachmann and Louie Gomert to combine their mutual raving dumbfuckery, seize this moment and claim that, by allowing  Mr. Bouzaglo to be shipped back to Israel, Obama is somehow working in concert with Hezbollah and the Taliban to destroy Israel. And christianity. And puppies.

  7. It’s “restaurateur” not “restaurant-eur” – I have heard this mistake a lot lately (on food shows and such) so I’m sorry for taking it out on this post!
    It’s like hearing some say ‘Real-a-tor’ instead of ‘Real-tor’.. 
    Again, sorry – maybe someone will learn something from this comment.

    1. “It’s like hearing someone say ‘Real-a-tor’ instead of ‘Real-tor’.. ”

      Well, yes, one wouldn’t want to use the non-trademarked term, now would we?

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