New console specs compared


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  1. jerwin says:

    Fanboys, start your engines!

    Hi Christina. First off, I think we should educate potential consumers a bit more. Sony and Microsoft may both be using 8GB of RAM, but Sony is using a far superior one; The Playstation 4 is using 8GBs of GDDR5 RAM, while the One uses only 8GBs of DDR3 RAM, far cheaper, but also nowhere near the finesse and clarity that the PS4 will offer.

    And they’re off!

    • badgerflower says:

       That’s a very valid point – not a fanboy defense. According to specs, the PS4 will have 50% more processing power for game graphics.

  2. Dan Hibiki says:

    the x86 architecture along with crippling ‘always on line’ and extra charge for buying used games is such a great way to inspire piracy.

  3. Ladyfingers says:

    The Xbox One reveal trumpeted a bunch of features only available in the US, and the DRM schemes they seem to have put in place for that platform make Sony(!) seem lenient.

  4. peregrinus says:

    I can’t work up too much enthusiasm over any of it.  I love enjoying tech.  But pretending to be Spaceman Spiff saving planet Earth, just ain’t my bag no more.

    If they could replace my stereo, Blu Ray, DVD and Wii with *high quality* output, and not watch me dancing in my underwear, and not listen to me fart, I might pay attention.

    I suspect I’ve exited their target market, age-wise.  That’s a damn shame.

    Back to hoeing the garden now.

  5. Peter says:

    Oh, sweet, they’re positioning the X-Box one as an ‘all-in-one’ device!  It’s great, cause I could really use an all-in-one device, like the one I’m using right now.  

  6. Matt Jones says:

    I think Microsoft will struggle to sell this to non gamers as a better alternative to  the cheap streaming devices around.  A whirring power hungry box  isn’t as appealing compared to something like the Apple TV or other such devices.

  7. Brainspore says:

    Hardware specs aren’t a very strong indicator of which device has more enjoyable gameplay.

  8. oldtaku says:

    XBone isn’t really trying to compete at games.

    3GB of that RAM will be dedicated to running the (non-game) Windows 8 OS, for instance.  So you can switch back to watching TV at any time.

    • Benjamin Palmer says:

      This may make me a minority, but the watching TV feature is what I am most exciting about XboxOne. XO? X1? Stupid name, anyhow…

      Stuck with Time Warner cable at my girlfriend’s place. I cut the cord at home, but cable still offers enough of what we watch that isn’t available elsewhere that its used. The interface on the Time Warner cable box is horrendous. The DVR sucks, it routinely forgets to record things and for years would record stuff for no reason at all. If xboxOne can override this, grab the cable signal and make my television experience better… sold! And I can scream at the TV and it will listen? Double sold!
      I know I could get a TiVo to do the same (minus playing out Star Trek TNG fantasies of talking to thin air and stuff happening), but that’s pricey on its own and does less.

    • mjfgates says:

       Wait, what? You need to run Windows 8 to watch TV?

      Microsoft’s always had this insane boner for “same thing running on EVERY DEVICE IN CREATION,” but this is a little extreme even for them.

      • Benjamin Palmer says:

        The new Xbox has non-gaming services as well, and they run in their own operating system space on the console. Microsoft hasn’t official said much about this OS, but rumors are that its a custom version of the same core that makes Widows 8 and Windows Surface and Windows phones, but with a custom UI for the console. One of the services is watching TV through your Xbox to leverage it as the guide and DVR and to use Kinect voice commands.

        You don’t need Windows 8 to watch TV, you could just switch the input back to normal TV and watch. But if you are watching TV through Xbox One, its using a sort of Windows 8 OS to do it.

  9. shutz says:

    Looking at that picture (top of the linked article) I guess black is the new black.

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