Scary up-close video of Oklahoma tornado

Matthew says: "Charles Gafford lives in Moore, Oklahoma and held his smartphone out the window of his shelter to film up-close footage of the May 20th tornado." (Via Laughing Squid)


  1. I was going to complain that this guy didn’t hold his phone horizontally, but then I realized he was risking his life to get this video so I’ll shut up.

    1. iPhones should have a feature, which you would have to disable, that warns you when you start filming vertically. 

      Vertical Filming! Dismiss?

      1. Why can’t they have a square image sensor and crop the image to panorama view automatically (by default)?  They already have the sensor to determine orientation. Hmm, I smell a patent.

        1.  Why crop anything?  Don’t cut usable data.  Instead, get YouTube to add a moveable zoom feature. 

  2. I’m going to start a kickstarter to send this guy a GoPro or something, that’s terrifying and something you want to be separated from by a solid wall.

    1. I saw some news coverage on it. The ‘shelter’ was a pretty cool looking steel box that looked like it was built into the floor of a garage. The shelter closed easily via a sliding steel ‘roof’. The steel ‘roof’ had a few small palm-sized cutouts that looked like they were either for airflow or to help open/close the sliding door. 

      The way he filmed the video was by sticking his phone (in portrait mode) through the slot in the steel.

  3. It’s kind of hard to get a true perspective of how bad that really is.  It kind of hits home toward the end, when you notice the windows in the house across the street are missing and what’s left of a tree is leaning pretty hard because of the winds.

  4. Annoying youtube popup add on this video was for “Sandblasting Products NZ”…. Um?

  5. This is the second piece of media from this tornado where I have read the name of the people in it (or in this case taking it) and have looked them up on Facebook to see if they are ok. I love this time.

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