Victorian-era multitool for women: the chatelaine


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  1. oschene says:

    Is it akin to the little basket of keys that Agnes wears on her hip in David Copperfield? Or maybe to that netting of steel Miss Murdstone carries?

  2. Antinous / Moderator says:

    That one might be Victorian, but they’ve been around since antiquity.

  3. Glyn Szasz says:

    and sadly no mention of Skirt Lifters for women and mud:

  4. Boundegar says:

    I wonder what trinkets her chatelaine might sport if the lady was a ninja assassin?

  5. OliveGreenapple says:

    Ooh… we had one somewhere in the family (not sure what relative it ended up with or if it survived). It was quite pretty and ornate. There’s a photograph I think of one of the ladies in my family wearing one as well, but it is more a decorative one. I can’t imagine it did much good and for some reason (age, perhaps?) she had her spectacles on her face for the photograph. Heh… proof my family has always been weird. Maybe she just liked them.

  6. HOTDAMN says:

    It seems like there are more items than necessary here.  What more does a woman need than a thimble and a rape whistle?

  7. dagfooyo says:

    And in the future a Chatelaine will be a term of office/nobility in the Autarchy.

  8. Benny_Benters says:

    Kick ass swiss army garment!

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