Walktopus: 5' tall bronze

There's a lot of personality in Scott Musgrove's 5' tall bronze entitled "Walktopus." If that's a bit on the large side, there's a 20" version, too.

Sculpture (Thanks, Scott!)


  1. Oooo, perfect for the front lawn.  Will it keep door-to-door religious folks away, or do I need to go full Cthulhu?

    1. Just put a bronze dungeness crab in your yard and hide behind the bushes with a net.

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  2. I clicked on the link thinking that if I could pick one up on the cheap, it would look great in my living room. Annnnnnnnnd then saw it’s $4000……..

    1. I’d love to know what you think a 20″ tall, solid bronze sculpture handmade by an established artist should cost?

        1. I certainly won’t try to convince anyone that my work is ‘worth the money’ or what have you… It’s ‘art’ and therefore it’s ‘value’ is always up for debate … but I’ll just say that producing a small edition of bronzes like this is a very expensive and labor-intensive process. These aren’t stamped out overseas but are all molded, cast and finished by hand at a foundry (MetalPhysic) in Tucson, AZ. From conception to completion it takes many months … and while I’d like to offer them at a lower price so they’d be affordable to more people, that’s just not economically feasible for me. 
          In any case, thank you to those of you who have said kind words about the piece! 
          -Scott Musgrove

          1. Scott provided some additional info on the process  that is used for these. But I could certainly see how these could be stamped out for high-production. I’m not sure why whether they could be hand made or not is even a point of contention. My comments weren’t a slight against the creator, but merely against my bank account.

  3. I first read that as the other one being 20′ tall. I wanted a pair of them outside of my house. Bet that would keep the God-Botherers away!

  4. Just a warning to potential buyers to look out for forgeries: I almost bought one of these recently but it turned out to be a Mocktopus.

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