America's most religious cities download lots of porn


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  1. vonbobo says:

    Dear Religious Observers,
    Please stop hogging all of the internet pron.

    “Redeemed” Atheist

  2. macu01 says:

    They have to watch it to complain about it so much

  3. TooGoodToCheck says:

    Nothing makes a thing more appealing than forbidding it

  4. FrankenPC . says:

    According to those stats…Teen Lesbians may be the holy grail!  The one thing that could unite a divided country!

  5. Robbie Renyolds says:

     If anyone bothers to read the study you will actually see that the religious cities still consume much less overall. If anything it shows a general trend toward less consumption by religious cities. LOL

    • The population of the 5 most religious cities is approx 1,750,000 and had a video consumption rate of 13.6 per capita

      The population of the 5 least religious cities is approx 1,633,000 and had a video consumption rate of 8.7

      overall? why would total consumption matter

    • libelle says:

      Um, no it doesn’t. At least not the data as presented by Pando – I couldn’t find a link to anything that had actual data sets.

      In any case, the charts in that article don’t give enough data to draw any reasl conclusions, as they don’t provide the full picture.

    • thecleaninglady says:

      Or lower level of (computer/internet) literacy.

  6. GawainLavers says:

    I wish we could come up with statistics that distinguished “religious” from “self-congratulatory religiosity”.

  7. vrplumber says:

    Behold!! Thou shalt whack it, and it was good.

  8. The Rizz says:

    They don’t know how to define it, but they know it when they see it.

  9. I know this to be true. I sometimes do editorial work with a hardcore Chix with Dix publisher. Our biggest customer base is from the Bible belt. Goodness, they love them ladyboys.

  10. peregrinus says:

    Awe, you guys are so prejudicial.  So ungracious.

    All those religious people, they’re not downloading monkey-spanking titillation.  They moved there in full knowledge, they were being Good Samaritans, they went there to help people.  Since, forever.  People in the gutter, whether meat-beaters, drinkers, whatever.

    Religious people never, ever tickle their own fancies.  C’mon.

    • That_Anonymous_Coward says:

      I thought we learned if your unwilling to use the correct name for body parts they will never develop the correct respect for themselves.

  11. sdmikev says:

    It’s the yin and the yang.
    Yin, the inhalation of religious dogma; yang, the release of..  uh.  Never mind.

  12. Lonin says:

    As an atheist in Huntsville, AL, I’m doing my damnedest to increase our lead!

  13. Cowicide says:

    They’re only doing research.

    Hands-on research?

  14. sam1148 says:

    Does anyone else get a disconnect in BB about posts about “religion”. It’s free to mock only when it’s Christian religion..and not Islamic?

    I think both should be equally examined for mocking and examination as ‘group’ as this BB post does; and I’m an atheist living the deep south; but you do see BB mocking Christians for their batshait crazy stuff when it’s southern fundamentalist (and deservedly so)….but not protected religion classes here; those are ‘don’t say anything negative—delete’.

  15. spacedmonkey says:

    My favorite was a different study, released a few months ago, that let ou look at the top porn search terms by state and region, and number one for Kentucky was “free gay porn.”

  16. Jamie Bobini says:

    They were just removing the porn from the internets so innocent children everywhere won’t see it.

  17. teapot says:

    “America’s most religious cities least knowledgeable in sources of good internet porn”

    Use bit torrent people… these streaming flashsites have TERRIBLE quality and mostly only sample clips.

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