IceDice - fun family game with very pointy pyramid-shaped pieces


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  1. Chris Drouin says:

    This post has the buddha nature.

    (If you haven’t yet, try playing Zendo with this set.  Really fun game.)

    • roqefyrodiw says:

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  2. Tynam says:

    There aren’t enough pieces in an Icedice set to play Icehouse; it’s an introductory set with only two trees in each colour, not a full stash.

    Which, Mark, means you’re missing out – it’s well worth grabbing the “Rainbow Stash”, which adds enough extra pieces of each colour to play the real highlights of the catalogue.  I particularly recommend the fast, frenetic fun of Icetowers, the entertaining chain reactions of Volcano and for geeks, the genuine science of Zendo.  (Homeworlds is also pretty popular, but I find it too hard to teach – there’s a lot of encoding to wrap your head around.)

  3. Jorpho says:

    IceBreaker springs readily to mind.

  4. binary Homeworlds is simply the best game there is. :)

  5. chgoliz says:

    So have they stopped making Zendo, or is this just another use for the same pieces, or what?

    • finbikkifin says:

      Their last standalone way of getting pyramids was Treehouse – this is a replacement for it. It’s just a different way of packaging the pyramids.

  6. dagfooyo says:

    My absolute favorite Icehouse game is Gnostica, a game for 2 – 4 players that uses a tarot deck as both the cards and as an ever-changing board.  Endless fun because of the thousands of card combinations and possibilities:

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