IceDice - fun family game with very pointy pyramid-shaped pieces

Lately Jane and I have been playing a game called IceDice. It consists of a bunch of plastic pyramids of various sizes, and a pair of dice with special markings, which are stored in a cute pyramid-shaped cloth zipper bag. You can play a lot of different games with the dice and pieces, the object of all them being to collect the right combination of sizes and colors of pyramids.

Our favorite game is Launchpad 23. The object is to assemble a rocket from pieces manufactured by a factory that manufactures random rocket parts.

The pyramids, made of hard plastic, are very pointy. I imagine you could poke one right through your hand if you slapped it hard enough. The danger factor enhances the enjoyment of this versatile game set.

IceDice $14


  1. This post has the buddha nature.

    (If you haven’t yet, try playing Zendo with this set.  Really fun game.)

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  2. There aren’t enough pieces in an Icedice set to play Icehouse; it’s an introductory set with only two trees in each colour, not a full stash.

    Which, Mark, means you’re missing out – it’s well worth grabbing the “Rainbow Stash”, which adds enough extra pieces of each colour to play the real highlights of the catalogue.  I particularly recommend the fast, frenetic fun of Icetowers, the entertaining chain reactions of Volcano and for geeks, the genuine science of Zendo.  (Homeworlds is also pretty popular, but I find it too hard to teach – there’s a lot of encoding to wrap your head around.)

  3. So have they stopped making Zendo, or is this just another use for the same pieces, or what?

    1. Their last standalone way of getting pyramids was Treehouse – this is a replacement for it. It’s just a different way of packaging the pyramids.

  4. My absolute favorite Icehouse game is Gnostica, a game for 2 – 4 players that uses a tarot deck as both the cards and as an ever-changing board.  Endless fun because of the thousands of card combinations and possibilities:

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