New, cheap edition of Taschen's stupendous "Magic 1400s-1950" book


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  1. Ed Irvin says:

    Pre-ordered this thing a month ago as soon as I heard.  Strange that some people are missing the fact that this reprint is significantly smaller (by some 14lbs) and the page count is less (probably because the original text was duplicated in multiple languages), but I for one am extremely excited.  The original print has been a “holy grail” book of mine for years, and this one will actually be sized for reading (leaving the gorgeous coffee table ed. as an art piece if I can ever score one.)

  2. Laura Lam says:

    I bought this book as a present to myself when I got my first book deal (I wrote the YA fantasy Pantomime which came out a few months ago) because the sequel deals with magicians. Totally worth the money–one of the most beautiful books I have the pleasure of owning, and full with a wealth of information and incredible prints of lithographic posters. The essays are very good, and I recommend Jim Steinmeyer’s other books, too, like Hiding the Elephant, which shows actual diagrams behind some of the illusions made famous by Robert Houdin.

    Taschen also have a circus book, which I bought for Pantomime. A little smaller (and a lot cheaper) but just as wonderful.

    • Laura Lam says:

      This is me…just created a disqus account, but the above comment is showing as blank for me. Hrm.

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