School safety officer throws student down flight of stairs

[Update: video removed.] This Chicago public school security guard was reportedly suspended after pushing a students down a flight of stairs. Damn! [via Sky News]


  1. That second hit was crazy, too.You can’t tell but I wonder if the kid was trying to go after the safety officer or someone else.

    1. I wonder how many 13 year olds could hold their temper after being thrown down a flight of stairs. The security guy clearly did not check to see if the kid was hurt either.

  2. An interesting sidebar to the even, bigger, sadder (and deadlier) story that CPS just shuttered 50 schools, the largest number of closings in our history.

        1. And that’s a pretty large percentage of schools to close. I guess I didn’t make my side obvious.

          Edit: I’m against closing so many schools.

    1. …under a definition of “underutilized” to mean “classes with less than 30 students.”

  3. ‘Safety’ officer? In the words of Arthur Dent from ‘The Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’, “This is obviously some strange usage of the word “safe” that I hadn’t previously been aware of.”

    1. Safety must be different now than when I was in school.

      Maybe it’s like the new math.

    2. Yes, he’s given the title of safety officer in the same spirit as the firemen in Fahrenheit 451 are given their titles, of course.

  4. If only the “safety” officer had been armed – he could have shot the kid, and whoever had the camera, and prevented this whole episode…

    …from becoming public.

    1. With the proper training, he would have known to confiscate the footage, like a real cop.

  5. A teacher did something similar to me when I was 12 or 13, for some utterly trivial offense (I think my friends and I were goofing around outside the windows of his classroom, creating a minor distraction).  How it didn’t result in any action is utterly mind-boggling to me now, but it seems like teachers got away with shit like that a lot more back then (the mid-80s).

    1. Probably because there was very little likelihood that they could be videotaped and their actions shared with a large number of people. Although, in 1988, I did get a principal to back down from searching one of my friends by telling him he was violating my friend’s 4th Amendment rights.

      Admittedly I consider myself lucky I didn’t end up in detention, even though it would have been worth it.

  6. There is a storm rising in the distance.  It is the internet rage that will descend upon that asshat once his identity is leaked to the public.  He will have no idea what hit him.  It will likely resemble being pushed down the stairs…for the rest of his days.  In the words of Saint T: “I pity the fool.”

  7. These are the people the NRA thinks should have guns?  I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

  8. Looking at the vid, I’m not so so sure it was a ‘throw’.

    More like a launch.  Or a nudge.  A throw suggests some ballistic behaviour.  I’m not seeing that.

    He just nudged the student.

    Just, nudged.

  9. Dunbar….that’s near me, as are many of the schools to be closed.  We’re throwing away the next generation here in Chicago.

  10. Let em know that that good officer and his stairs are the only thing standing between them and a bad guy with stairs.

  11. So, any context on this? Or just this video with what appears to be a provocatively edited start point? My degree out outrage greatly depends on this.

    1. Inquiring minds want to know…

      1) Is it outrage if you stop to think about it and ask questions?

      2) What possible justification could there be for pushing someone down a flight of stairs?

      2a) Even if the student physically attacked the security guard (safety officer, my ass), unless the student was armed, I’m not seeing how someone who should have some proper self-defense training needs to push the kid down stairs.

      2b) The security guard sounds like he’s in a rage.

      3) Does this mean he gets demoted to mall cop?

      1. 1) Yes it is. I wish people would do it more often. In this day and age, it is far to easy to go off half cocked when presented with edited video and zero context. James O’Keefe and the ACORN scandal for the conservative response is a pretty good example.

        I however, have thought about the Iraq war, and am quite outraged by it.Anytime someone shows you something with the intention of getting your blood boiling, people should ask “am I being exploited here”. I’m not saying that this video is not what it appears to be. I’m saying be cautious because of the lack of context is so glaring.2) There are justifications. Self defense of yourself or others in a wide range of scenarios. You provided some in your 2a question.2a) If someone was in the process of gouging out my eyes, I would probably respond with the most epic shove I could manage. Again, why the video immediately before the start point would be helpful. Is that the entire video? Or was it selectively edited? Was there a weapon? I don’t know, but based on what has been shown here, who knows?2b) I agree that he sounds enraged. Why? The default assumption here seems to be that this is an example of “authoritarians just being authoritarian for authoritarianisms sake.”. Maybe that is true. Maybe this student was beating on a mentally disabled kid and needed to be physically restrained and then decided to get violent again on the stairs. Who knows.3) It all depends on what actually happened. If it was a punitive shove, then he should be fired and charged with assault.

  12. Meanwhile in Finland,  a teacher was fired for forcing a student out of the school cafeteria by pushing him. (The teacher was later reinstated after widespread public protest in his defense.)

  13. What I find more troubling, is that the public focus is narrowed to merely the outcome, without looking at the causes. The young lady might have been involved in a less than desirable set of actions. She might have been involved in an altercation for all we know. The educational statistics for the school are a crime in themselves, which can be checked by Googling the schools NCLB report card. Either way questions should be asked, and lawsuits should be placed, but lets not overlook the fact that the school itself was not an easy place to be a guard or student at.

  14. According to local news reports, CPS  has removed the employee and criminal charges are pending. 

  15. And… this video has been removed as a violation of YouTube’s policy on shocking and disgusting content.

    I guess the Arabs were lucky to get their Spring.

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