15 year old dragged under car, killed defending gift iPad

This is sad beyond words. A teenager lost his life defending the gift iPad his father struggled to buy him. "But Marcos wouldn't let go. He fought. As the truck sped off, the high school freshman was pulled beneath the wheels. As his attackers fled with the iPad, he lay alongside a dirty concrete curb." (LA Times)


  1. Sad. I would like to see these thieves/killers brought to justice. I think Find My Ipad should be installed on all Apple products, mostly as a deterrent for these situations. RIP 

  2. In my opinion there is no form of life lower than a thief and a thief that doesn’t mind killing his or her victim just compounds it. Stealing food to feed yourself or others who are starving is one thing but violently taking property that somebody struggled and saved to obtain legally in order to support either a drug habit or just an aversion to honest work is loathsome and inexcusable. I am always against capital punishment but cases like this test my resolve on that.

    1. “In my opinion there is no form of life lower than a thief”

      So … straight-up murderers?  Rapists?  Child rapists?  Child rapists and murderers?  Alllllll higher “life forms” than thieves who don’t kill?

        1. angry comment troll?  Do you know what a troll is?  I don’t think you do, sweetie.

      1. Gee, raped much?

        At the end of the day rape victims are still alive if kept alive and the poor kid is still dead. Ever heard of sentimental value.

      2.  Stealing.

        You kill,,,you stole a life.
        You rape,,,you stole someones health and happiness.
        Every so called sin is just a theft of a different type.

      3. Thievery. It all comes down to thievery in the end. Stealing a material object, stealing a life, stealing the choice to have sex, stealing free will or stealing a child’s innocence. 

        It’s all thievery. And some thieves are worse than others.

    2. And that’s the reason why there is a verbal and legal distinction between “thievery” and “robbery”.

    1. It’s sad whenever somebody dies to protect property. An iPad can be replaced. Marcos Arenas can’t.

  3. Psychos.  They are probably sleeping well thinking, “Stupid ipad wasn’t worth dying over.”  It likely never occurs to them to think, “Stupid ipad isn’t worth killing over.”  Rabid animals.

        1. There is no treatment for rabies. Never has been. It is fatal, always, by the time you show symptoms.

          1.  I think Vicq_Ruiz meant buy it an ice cream cone or send it on a trip to Disney Land because it will die soon. Sort of like the Make-A-wish foundation does for children.

          2. False.

            Good thing there’s a treatment for willful ignorance. Has to be self administered, unfortunately.

        1. oh, I see, how clever. Criminals aren’t human. That belief system must justify a lot of things which are all entirely morally superior to this story.

  4. It’s sad, but it’s an iPad!  It’s replaceable.  Was losing his life over it really worth it?

    1. He didn’t lose his life; they took it. 

      He had every right to defend his property as much as he wanted to and bears no responsibility for his own death. To suggest he does is victim blaming.

  5. > It’s sad, but it’s an iPad! It’s replaceable. Was losing his life over it really worth it?

    What the fuck kind of question is that?

    No. It wasn’t. We all
    know it wasn’t. But sometimes when someone takes something from you you
    hold on to it. You fight for it. If he knew he was going to die, yeah–I
    sure we all agree it was not worth trading his life for.  Of course
    fucking not.  But he didn’t know that, did he?  Somebody tried to grab
    something that meant a lot to him, and he hung on to it. 

    Sorry, but this kind of condescending bullshit implication that he was somehow at fault for not just rolling over to thieves is just insulting.

  6. The article says the two robbers got apprehended. I hope they get life in prison. They can spend it asking themselves if an iPad is worth anyone’s life, including both the victim’s and theirs.

  7. If more people did that sort of thing, and a few were actually successful and managed to seriously harm or kill the thieves, it might cut down on the number of robberies. 

    Guy should’ve had a gun; yeah, it is okay to kill for what’s yours, and piss on the corpses afterwards. 

    1.  Considering all the iPhone and iPad robberies perhaps they should have a built in gun.

  8. I like the idea of the self destruction button on all phones and I-pad devices.
    You won’t ever get it back,  so with a flash and smoke, its useless to the theif.
    Better yet, it sprays a blue dye in their faces.

    1. Oh and when it goes off blinding it’s owner it’s OK. Apple will tell reporters it was used on an unapproved charger or had unapproved software on it. 

      Tracking should be a hardware solution not a software solution that can be disabled, pinging the telephone network as and when the device has been confirmed as stolen. Only able to be tracked once the Police and the owner of the property/insurance company have all agreed it’s been stolen and requires tracking.  But it’s not for a device to hold the power to be judge, jury, and executioner.

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