Super slo-mo fire-juggling

Scott sez, "Here's a new video of me juggling fire in slow motion. 2000 frames per second. There's also a video there of me juggling and eating apples. It's pretty fun to watch. It doesn't look like I'm trying."

Juggling Flaming Torches in Slow Motion (Thanks, Scott!)


    1.  Nice, that was about 10000x better than the original video. Any specs on how it was acquired? I was guessing Red Epic™ @200fps + Twixtor in available lighting, as opposed to the original video which was something like, Phantom™ @ 2000fps + oops we forgot to bring lights. 

  1. Ugh horrible editing. I just want to see the juggler working his craft, for a few moments. All those closeups where you see nothing much, and quick jumps here and there and bad sounds (is that even music?) really wasted focusing on the juggling.

  2. Wow. What a horrible video. What happened here. You can shoot paint drying in slow mo and it looks good. Someone forgot you need a lot of light I bet and forgot to rent some. Doh!

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