Doing a tablecloth yank from beneath a dog in a dragon suit

Mat Ricardo sez, "Here's what happened last time Piff The Magic Dragon (and Mr. Piffles the dog!) was a guest on Mat Ricardo's London Varieties. What's going to happen when he pays us a return visit, this Thursday night at London's Leicester Square Theatre? Find out by coming!"


  1. Hold on a sec . . . check my list . . . yup, OK, yup, check, check, check, That’s it then. The internet is done. Thanks everyone.

  2. So is this new Bill Plympton animation thing on the still shots of the videos a new youtube thing, or a BB thing…

    1. BB thing. leads to which is overlaid atop Youtube’s background image.

  3. Just when I think I’ve seen the last variation of that trick, the rug gets pulled out from under me…

  4. A dog in a dragon suit??? That’s Mr. Piffles you are talking about! Would you like to be referred to only as “a man with a blog”???

  5. “Doing a tablecloth yank from beneath a dog in a dragon suit sitting on a plate”
    Fixed. Cute but underwhelming.

  6. Why do all the video thumbnails in the blogroll have this weird snow effect now, instead of just being a still?

      1. The gif responsible is called “snowcrash” but I doubt the overall intent is a Neal Stephenson reference.

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