Reporters kicked out of Amy's Baking Company after complaining of fly in drink

Following a spectacular public meltdown staged by a couple running a Scottsdale restaurant, reporters from the Phoenix Business-Journal decided to see what all the fuss was about. They were not disappointed.


  1. Amy & her partner have done back traced it. Consequences will never be the same. 

    1. My favorite is their Facebook page where someone wrote “Like this comment if you only liked this page so you could watch the train wreck.”

  2. One of these days, they’re going to look out onto the floor and all they’ll see is a bunch of people in gimp outfits awaiting their punishment.

  3. So interesting to see this follow up. I was corresponding with the people from Phoenix Biz Journal while it was happening. They really were giving the owner the benefit of the doubt. They weren’t looking for “gotchas”

    Over at Firedoglake last week I wrote an article predicting their come back IF they followed the advice of the PR firm they just hired. Based on the first Phoenix Biz Journal story I could tell the firm was good.

     One of the mistakes people outside the crisis communications world mistake is to think one method of dealing with a crisis fits all types. How a RW politician deals with scandal is different than how a LW politician would.

     I knew that if the PR firm used RW crisis techniques with these people they would succeed.  And by that I mean,
    1) Be the victim,
    2) Make Ramsey the Bully
    3)go on the attack with critics
     4) manage and control the information coming out of the venue as much as possible in the early days.

    I don’t think Amy and Sami have enough awareness to embrace the “Crazy Amy”  meme and just ride the publicly wave. (there is a fake twitter account @CrayCrayAmy for “Crazy Amy”)

    Interestingly  I predicted all the actions right, up until they fired the PR firm! It turns out that they wouldn’t listen to the PR people any more than they would listen to Ramsey.

    If they did listen to the PR firm they would have had to dealt with the contract they signed that said they would have to pay $100,000 if they disparaging Ramsey or the show. If they had played it right they could have used that clause to make it even more clear that Ramsey was the real bad guy, they were victims and all the mean Redditors and Yelpers were mean.

    The next time you see some politician or corporate exec deal with a scandal notice how they position themselves. I find it fascinating. You might also notice how the press deals with people’s crisis and potential comebacks, it’s different if they like someone, even if they are ideologically in different places I’ve found the MSM bends over backwards to give crazy people a second chance. They also keep coming back to them because they make a INTERESTING STORY. And in the world of pay per click, interesting wins every time. 

    Celebrities who are interestingly while mentally ill are better than those who are boring mentally ill, from the paper’s point of view. This episode of Kitchen Nightmares will get more views than any other. As for Amy’s long term success? It really depends on what they want to be, a restaurant known for good service and food or a restaurant that is KNOWN. They might make more money in the long term if they give up the desire to be known for good food and service and embrace the Crazy.

    1. People will happily sit and watch crazy on the teevee, but going out and paying cash money for it in person, not so much.

    2. If some people in Scottsdale didn’t know about this place before, now EVERYBODY sure as hell knows after this ballyhoo.  If the place reopens, I can easily see many, many people going there as
      clients out of morbid curiosity and for the lulz.

      But who’s gonna work there?  The owners keep steal the tips!  They make you wash the car!  Even with a hundred employees hired and fired, word of mouth only goes so far, but after this firestorm, forget about it.  I guess.  I would hope.

      1. “If the place reopens, I can easily see many, many people going there as 

        clients out of morbid curiosity and for the lulz.”Maybe if they had a recurring reality show. Otherwise the looky-loos are going to go once, maybe, but probably not. They’ll be quickly forgotten after this airs.

    3. Your RW political crisis checklist is what they already have been doing. It doesn’t work quite the same way for them because the MSM (by its own imposition) is not allowed to say that politicians are crazy, but they have no such rule about a couple of sketchy restaurateurs in the suburbs. 

      It might work anyway because of all the filthy hipsters who go to witness the horror for bragging rights — maybe or maybe not, because if they go only once it may not be enough to keep them afloat. But if it is, then it’s another example of why we can’t have nice things. 

  4. As a former bartender I thought I should point out that most bars keep bottles on the shelf open, with a pourer in the top, and that this allows fruit flies to climb in and then drown, perhaps happily.

    They mostly prefer Scotch.

    1. I’ve found as many as 5 fruit flies in a single Scotch drink.  This happens even at decent restaurants if the stock doesn’t turn over quickly.  But the reporters who visited Amy’s had three drinks with insects.  That should never happen.

      Bonus foolproof trap for getting rid of fruit flies: in a disposable coffee cup put 3 ounces of water and 1 ounce of apple cider vinegar.  Add a small dab of liquid soap.  cover with plastic wrap and rubberband the plastic tightly to the top.  Poke a pencil hole in the plastic wrap.  Place this anywhere the fruit flies can smell it.  They will fly in the hole, land and drown in the liquid because the soap destroys the surface tension.  Apple cider vinegar is irresistible to fruit flies because it’s the essence of spoiled fruit.  It’s non-toxic and uses common materials.  An exterminator told me this one and it works like a charm.

  5. “My friend and dining partner Jennifer Pinner,
    a former journalist and current communications manager whose husband is
    a youth pastor, said she was “completely mystified” by the experience.”

    “I’ve never been kicked out of a restaurant before in my life,” said Pinner, who has two young children. “It’s so bizarre.””Does Jennifer also like the wind blowing through her hair and the musical stylings of Helen Reddy? Because that’d be as relevant to the story as her youth pastor husband & two kids. “She said dining at Amy’s was like sitting in a classroom and not wanting
    to do anything to upset or call attention to the teacher.”Oh, so she’s one of these parents who has regressed to only relating to children? Wasn’t she afraid she might need to pee pee from the adult dwinky winkies?Feh. Lousy article.

  6. So, being a cyber bully on social media is bad unless it’s adults involved and you think the people deserve it?  I’m not defending Amy’s, but how is this BoingBoing worthy?

    1.  I tend to agree that it is a pile-on at this point.

      But could you please take a look at the past few years of BB posts and tell me what qualifies a “worthy”? This site’s standard is based on whatever the editor of the moment is interested in and as far as I recall (I’ve only been around for a few years) this has pretty much been the case for a long time.

      BB is a self defined entity in this regard. This is “the new media”, which has a lot in common with something like a personal stylist as opposed to straight journalism (reporting on journalism alone is pretty much indicative of it not really fitting the mode of journalism).

  7. Samy could always have tried to sell the idea that fruit flies were the Israeli equivalent of the tequila worm.

    1.  Well, maybe these days; but in my day it was only the finest Christian babies and only in syrupy fortified wine. That’s the problem with people today, no respect for tradition. I went to a Seder last year that actually had wine that didn’t make me want to vomit or get a headache after the first cup and the telling took less than two hours!

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