Nature's unattainable beauty: The art of Redd Walitzki

Miroir Magazine recently featured artist Redd Walitzki on their cover, and they have an interview with the artist here. Snip:

In her paintings, Redd Walitzki focuses on the balance between the inevitable entropy of nature, and the unattainable beauty invented through high fashion and technology. In her work, she brings to life a compelling world of haunting, fleeting beauty. Her creations are an equal mixture of the breathtaking, the ethereal, uncanny and unsettling. She is fascinated with flawless female forms and detailed natural elements, which she combines to create a daydream of lovely aberrations. Redd pushes herself through her use of materials as well, creating a multilayered process that includes elements of watercolor, acrylic layering, digital flourishes, rice-paper transfers and oil glazes. Her delicate swirling panels evoke themes of neoteny, the desire for perfection, and the fine line between the abject and beautiful.

At Etsy, you can buy copies of the lasercut giclée print from her original oil-painting "Nachtfalter," shown here.

Walitzki is from Germany, and lives in Pioneer Square (Seattle’s artist district).

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  1. I just saw these on Hi Fructose earlier this afternoon. Some of these are so beautiful, they hurt. 

  2. Do these compare to photoshops i.e. they provide unrealistic, idealized depictions of female beauty?

  3. I looked through all the issues of Miroir, and they are awesome!  The theme of female headshots with crazy stuff going on in and around their hair seems like an endless treasure trove of discovery!  Plus, I also especially liked “Secrets of the Batcave,” unexpectedly hilarious.

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