Videos of dead media devices

Don sez, "This guy has over a hundred excellent videos of Old School AV and other electronic equipment. The world's first Credit Card Calculator! The first (pre-BetaMax) VCRs! Wacky little tape recorders that they blew up on "Mission Impossible"! All that stuff that was once futuristic but is now only of the nostalgic future that was."



    1. I had the Sharp equivalent in college. I would write little programs to solve simple physics equations and the like. And these were the days before direct algebra input in calculators, so sometimes it would make more sense to write out a line of BASIC code then try to interpret equations for standard calculator calculation order.

  1. I still have and use the Lloyds Accumatic 320 ‘pocket’ calculator I bought for electronics school in the ’70s.  The bright blue VF display is much more legible than any other kind I’ve come across.

    I have one of those little credit card sized Casios here in my desk somewhere.

  2. Is that music from Mission Impossible? I’m sure the cute old Scottsh guy didn’t add that. Is it like… irony?

  3. In the near future we will have apps that scan the videos, compute vector files of the devices shown, and send them to 3D printers to reproduce them for our grandchildren to play with.

  4. You can still get the “shoe box style” cassette recorder at Radio Shack. Just tell the guy you need to record phone calls and he’ll set you up with the phone switch that activates the recorder automatically.  If you are having legal issues or dealing with difficult family members, you’ll get stuff that is comedy gold!

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