What does a $4,000 vinyl record sound like?

"Mozart a Paris," Directed by Fernand Oubradous. The Complete Parisian Mozart Compositions (1763 and 1778). 7 LP Boxset, £2,495, from Electric Recording Company.

In the Guardian, An interview with extreme audiophile Pete Hutchison, who has a massive vinyl hoarding habit. His Electric Recording Company label reissues classic recordings such as one rare Mozart box set on seven discs, directed by Fernand Oubradous, limited to 300 copies, that will cost you £2,495 (around $4K). "I want to have the best-sounding records in the world," he says. "The first challenge was finding and restoring the equipment."

Below, a video from The Electric Recording Co. documenting the production of Johanna Martzy's "The Unaccompanied Violin Sonata's Volumes 1, 2 and 3," recut in true mono from the first generation analogue master tapes uniquely using vintage valve technology. And beneath that, a video on the sleeve letterpress process they use.